Must I forgive his outrageous comments about my father?

Dear Amy: My younger brother “Wendell” spoke at our father’s 90th birthday party five years ago in front of 100 people. He went on and on about how our father wasn’t there for him growing up, was too busy working to attend all his soccer games, etc. It shocked many people there, and they talked … Read more

The 3 biggest signs of ‘passive aggressive’ and ‘childish’ behaviour: Harvard body language expert

We’ve all had to deal with passive aggressiveness at some point. A boss raises a dismissive eyebrow when you speak, or a friend boxes you out of the conversation at a group brunch. But the lines are often blurred. I certainly struggled with this myself, which is why I spent much of my career at … Read more

He has a violent past, and I don’t want to be around him

Dear Amy: My husband and I had children later in life. We moved closer to our family to raise our children with relatives. Around my younger girl’s first birthday my older sister started dating a man. They are a toxic brew. I don’t like his past, which includes multiple arrests for domestic violence and robbery, … Read more

Johnny Depp & Attorney Joelle Rich’s Relationship Is Not Exclusive: Report

The relationship between Johnny Depp and his attorney, Joelle Rich, is reportedly not exclusive. Johnny Depp and his trial attorney, Joelle Rich, who worked on his infamous libel case against The Sun in 2018, are reportedly in a non-monogamous relationship. TMZ reports that, while the two have been linked, they are continuing to see other … Read more

3 rules to follow for a successful open relationship from therapist

Open relationships among celebrities — Shailene Woodley, Angelina Jolie, and, perhaps most notably, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith — have been conversation fodder for years. The dynamic is often dismissed as a Hollywood arrangement that can only be maintained by iron-clad NDAs. In recent years, though, non-monogamy has become increasingly mainstream. About one in four … Read more

Want to raise resilient kids? Develop their brains with ‘nurturing routines,’ says parenting expert—here’s how

Resilience is the ability to face a challenge and come out the other side with some measure of growth and success, and there has never been a more important time for parents to help their kids build it. As a physician who studies early brain development, I’ve found one surprising factor that contributes to increased … Read more

I find these tasks for my boss inappropriate

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I work for a public university, and my boss is the head of the division. When I was hired, my duties included supervising his executive assistant, but she was laid off in 2020. My title is not administration-related. My problem stems from being assigned tasks that I understand were often asked of … Read more

I worry my husband’s friends hate me for what I did

Dear Amy: Recently there was an infidelity issue (on my part) between my husband and me. We are working on our marriage, and things appear to be getting much better. When it first happened, he turned to his friends pretty upset and had the majority of them block me, etc. His best friend doesn’t speak … Read more

My friends don’t believe that I’m stressed out

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been stressed out this year for a variety of reasons. I have gained a lot of weight, and I was just diagnosed with psoriasis. My scalp has been on fire on and off all year, and I didn’t know why. My doctor just figured it out. He said that it could … Read more