“Markets are imploding” because the Fed isn’t doing its job, says billionaire investor Bill Ackman

“‘How does this downward market spiral end? It ends when the Fed puts a line in the sand on inflation and says it will do “whatever it takes.”” – Bill Ackman, founder and CEO, Pershing Square Capital That’s hedge-fund billionaire Bill Ackman sounding off on Twitter Tuesday, blaming a timid Federal Reserve for not doing … Read more

US to Send Advanced Rocket Systems to Kyiv, Officials Say

The Biden administration is expected to announce as early as next week it will send to Ukraine long-range rocket systems Kyiv says are necessary to fight off the Russian onslaught in the Donbas region, US officials said Friday. Among the weapons the US is expected to provide are Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, or MLRS, which … Read more

Canopy Growth Stock Is Falling As Earnings Disappoint Wall Street

Text size Canopy Growth reported a 36% drop in revenue from Canadian recreational cannabis sales compared to the same quarter a year ago. Chris Roussakis / Bloomberg Canopy Growth stock is plummeting after the marijuana company delivered financial results that fell short of expectations. The Canadian cannabis company (ticker: CGC) posted a per-share loss of … Read more

Inflation and Stock-Market Volatility Prompts Most Retirees to Alter Finances, Study Finds

Maddy Dychtwald is an author and co-founder of Age Wave, a think tank and consultancy Twenty-nine years. That’s the ideal length of retirement, according to retirees surveyed in a new study. But many of those retirees are now concerned that inflation and market volatility is impacting their ability to achieve that timeline.

Opinion: Don’t believe the hype: The economy isn’t headed toward a recession, and the Fed isn’t ‘behind the curve’ on interest rates

Much has been made about an imminent, full-blown recession, triggered by the unwinding of record stimulus by the Federal Reserve and resulting steep correction in stock and bond prices. While the clearing out of speculative froth from the markets may be wrenching, there is little evidence in the investment and consumption fundamentals of the business-cycle … Read more

How Retirees and Retirement Savers Can Navigate the Market Tumult

Whether you’re in or near retirement, or saving for a retirement that seems a long way off, today’s blend of surging inflation and market volatility poses problems that can be unsettling for even seasoned savers. For older investors, downturns threaten to diminish the ability of savings to last as long as needed, while inflation promises … Read more

Withdrawing from your 401(k) or IRA in a down market? What you need to know

Market volatility, inflation and just overall uncertainty is already a stressful mix for a retiree trying to determine the best strategy for withdrawing from a 401(k) – but some may be forced to take money out because of annual required minimum distributions, adding to investment anxiety.  Investors incur a hefty penalty when they do not … Read more

Dollar General turns away activists and workers from shareholder meeting after they arrived late and USDA offers to help states access more baby-formula brands for low-income families

Hi, MarketWatchers. Don’t miss these top stories. Dear college grads: I used to think networking was tacky. Now I know it’s the most valuable thing you can do Networking feels a little unfair. But at the core it’s about helping others. Read More ‘You saw us coming’: Dollar General turns away activists and workers from … Read more

Amazon Can’t Get Out of Big Tech’s Meeting Hell

Andy Jassy probably shouldn’t take it personally. Amazon . com’s new-ish chief executive led his first annual meeting for the company on Wednesday. He was greeted with 15 shareholder-sponsored proposals—the most Amazon has ever faced. The company unsurprisingly recommended “no” votes on all the measures, and almost as unsurprisingly, none actually passed.