Stocks to Buy Now: Alphabet, Facebook, and 4 More Bargains

When the stock market gets pounded, bargains abound — or so it seems. But in a bear market, the key to investing success is separating the thoughtlessly discarded from the overpriced junk. With about two-thirds of the stocks in the S&P 500 down more than 20% from their all-time highs and the index itself down … Read more

Managed-Futures Funds Look Like a Smart Bet in a Tough Market

Managed-futures funds provide exposure to more than 100 futures markets, including relatively obscure ones, such as European natural gas. Norway’s Equinor, whose drilling platform is pictured, is one of Europe’s largest natural-gas producers. Carina Johansen / Bloomberg Text size In a rocky year for stocks and bonds, mutual funds pursuing an investment approach that has … Read more

Hello? Hello? Is This Facebook? Anybody There? (Nope.) – The Wall Street Journal

Hello? Hello? Is This Facebook? Anybody There? (Nope.)The Wall Street Journal

Buy Genco Shipping & Trading Stock. The Shipping Company Is About to Pay a 14% Dividend Yield.

The shipping industry is undeniably cyclical, a feature that has kept away legions of investors burned by too many sudden downturns with no clear pattern of recovery. But for Genco Shipping & Trading (ticker: GNK) there is a compelling reason to get in now: The company has a cleaned-up balance sheet and a new dividend … Read more

Teen Babysitters Are Charging $ 30 An Hour Now, Because They Can

Before the pandemic, Dani Gantcher earned about $ 15 an hour babysitting in her hometown of Scarsdale, NY Parents sometimes asked her to wash dishes or stay late. Now, the 18-year-old is raking in $ 25 to $ 30 an hour. Moms and dads are asking a lot less from her. And they treat her … Read more

The Stock Market Has Avoided a Bear. But the Selloff Isn’t Over

The S&P 500 index refuses to fall into a bear market — but that does not mean it’s found a bottom just yet. Not that it was not a painful week. The S&P 500 dropped 3% and has now fallen 18.7% from its Jan. 3 all-time high. A slide of 20%, which it touched Friday … Read more

Robinhood and 4 Other Broken IPO Stocks That Could Be Buys

After a bubbly year for initial public offerings, 2022 looks like a bust. Shares of many companies that came public last year are down 80% or more from their peaks. “This is the IPO market’s worst selloff in a decade,” says Matt Kennedy, a senior strategist at Renaissance Capital. He cites excessive valuations for 2021’s … Read more

The ‘Stonehenge of America’ Still Has Visitors Asking, ‘What Is This Place?’ – The Wall Street Journal

The ‘Stonehenge of America’ Still Has Visitors Asking, ‘What Is This Place?’The Wall Street Journal

How Workers Gained Leverage, and Why They Won’t Lose It Soon – Barron’s

How Workers Gained Leverage, And Why They Won’t Lose It SoonBarron’s

Buy Citizens Financial Stock. Its Shares Could Gain 29%.

Bigger is better in banking — and Citizens Financial Group has been taking steps that should allow it to play with the bigger boys. Its stock looks like a winner. These days, it’s nearly impossible for a bank to succeed without the scale to provide more than just loans and accounts to their clients. They … Read more