Commodities Will Be the Next Market to Succumb

(Bloomberg Opinion) – Stocks have fallen to near-bear market territory. Bonds have suffered big price declines. Foreign currencies have nosedived against the US dollar. Cryptocurrencies, SPACs and other speculations have collapsed. But commodities have been on a tear. The Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index has surged 33% this year, with energy, metals and agriculture prices all … Read more

Opinion: Our student-loan system needs fixing — and this change would be smarter than just forgiving debt

Most of the recent discussion of student debt has focused on the prospect of forgiving that debt — telling borrowers that they do not have to repay the funds the federal government provided to help them pay for college or graduate school. The fierce debates about the pros and cons of such a policy rarely … Read more

Opinion: Don’t believe the hype: The economy isn’t headed toward a recession, and the Fed isn’t ‘behind the curve’ on interest rates

Much has been made about an imminent, full-blown recession, triggered by the unwinding of record stimulus by the Federal Reserve and resulting steep correction in stock and bond prices. While the clearing out of speculative froth from the markets may be wrenching, there is little evidence in the investment and consumption fundamentals of the business-cycle … Read more

US truckers talk ‘unprecedented’ diesel price surge – Fox Business

US truckers talk ‘unprecedented’ diesel price surge  Fox Business Why You Should Care About The Price Of Diesel Fact Finders: What’s driving up diesel fuel prices?  KY3 US truckers talk ‘unprecedented’ diesel price surge  Fox Business East Coast diesel inventories tighter again; other numbers offer buyers hope  FreightWaves View Full Coverage on Google News

Opinion: Broadcom will let VMware shop for another buyer, but is any other software company interested?

Virtualization-software maker VMware Inc. agreed to be acquired by Broadcom Inc. on Thursday in an roughly $61 billion deal that will triple the chip maker’s software business, and has an usual provision that lets VMware look for another buyer. The unusual go-shop provision of the deal raises the question of whether any software makers that … Read more

Team Biden might be purposefully crushing the middle class

Vladimir Lenin supposedly once said, “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” There’s some doubt as to whether this line is genuine; regardless, it seems like a pretty good description of what the Biden administration is doing to America’s middle class.  Inflation is running rampant. The … Read more

How Larry Summers Got His Inflation Call Right: By Applying Economic History

Text size “The only thing we have to learn from empirically is history,” Larry Summers, former U.S. Treasury secretary, said recently in explaining his contrarian views on inflation. Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg About the author: Graham Allison is the Douglas Dillon professor of government at Harvard University. Is the U.S. economy headed for a hard landing? Federal Reserve … Read more

Billionaire gives advice on ‘scary stories’ surrounding Wall Street – Fox Business

Billionaire gives advice on ‘scary stories’ surrounding Wall StreetFox Business Billionaire investor Ken Fisher says markets slammed by at least 7 ‘scary stories’Fox Business View Full Coverage on Google News