Stephen Curry sets a record of three points. . . and it is, of course, in the Garden

We stood every time he touched the ball. We stood with our breath held, our hearts beating, our cell phones raised. We stood waiting to see the story, waiting for a much-needed feel-good moment, waiting for Stephen Curry to do what we all knew he would do. And it took less than five minutes for … Read more

Kevin Durant scores 51 in the Nets’ win over the Pistons

DETROIT – With his fellow superstar James Harden at rest, Kevin Durant staged a virtual one-man show Sunday night at Little Caesars Arena. Durant scored a season-high 51 points to lead the Nets to a 116-104 victory over the Pistons. They completed their four-game roadtrip with a 3-1 record that included fourth-quarter comebacks for all … Read more

The Knicks lose as the Pacers frolic through their defense

INDIANAPOLIS – With 8:43 left in the first half, Derrick Rose grabbed a defensive rebound and looked up, sending a pass on the money to Obi Toppin, who stroked past the Pacers’ defense. And Toppin took a full dribble a dribble and got up, moved the ball through his legs in the air and slammed … Read more

The Knicks’ Kemba Walker remains positive despite relegation

As he sat down for his inaugural press conference in August, Kemba Walker marveled at the feeling of seeing his picture adorn the big screens outside Madison Square Garden, a welcome home he had dreamed of since he was a child growing up in the Bronx and through his days starring in this very court … Read more

The Knicks fight back in the second half, but fall to the Bulls eventually

When the clock ended of the first half, opponents streamed into the locker room with an 18-point lead, fans in Madison Square Garden shouted their disappointment, and Julius Randle and Evan Fournier quarreled lively in full view. If that seemed like the wrong kind of fight for the Knicks tonight, a breakup that happened in … Read more

The Nets cough up a 16-point lead but hold off on annoying Knicks

On Saturday, the Nets lost a so-called “statement match to a Suns team on a 16-game winning streak. Understandable. But it would have been a far more damaging statement if the Nets had lost to crosstown rival Knicks after coughing up a 16 point lead in the third quarter. But the Nets narrowly averted the … Read more

Lack of calls puts the Knicks’ Julius Randle in a bad mood in losses to the Nets

When the match ended, Tom Thibodeau Julius Randle walked from the pitch to the locker room, reassuring his star player. But by the time he reached the post-game press conference, Thibodeau had his own angry tirade ready. It wasn’t just the frustration of a 112-110 loss to the Nets at Barclays Center that had Thibodeau … Read more