Street artists to make documentary about court battle with Dublin City Council

A COLLECTIVE OF street artists is planning to make a documentary about its lengthy court battle with Dublin City Council. Subset has been at the center of a five-year court dispute with the council over three murals around the city, which the council claims do not have planning permission. The movement is being taken to … Read more

‘This Looks Like No Pokémon I’ve Ever Seen Before’ Pokémon Tattoos | Tattoo Artists React – Inked

‘This Looks Like No Pokémon I’ve Ever Seen Before’ Pokémon Tattoos | Tattoo Artists ReactInked

Couple try to steal Basquiat painting from Manhattan gallery

Two would-be art thieves tried to snatch a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting from a Chelsea gallery earlier this month, police said. The attempted heist happened at Taglialatella Galleries on the evening of May 14, the NYPD announced Wednesday. The suspects – a young man and woman with European accents – entered the 10th Avenue showcase just … Read more

‘I Used to be a Ballet Dancer’ Baphomet Puke | Heavily Inked – Inked

‘I Used to be a Ballet Dancer’ Baphomet Puke | Heavily InkedInked

FOP president wants painting removed from Cincinnati Art Museum

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – A painting at the Cincinnati Art Museum is stoking debate because some say it crosses the line. The painting is part of the exhibit “Black and Brown Faces: Paying Homage To.” Titled “Mother Land Theme Park Black Panther Gift Shop,” it shows Winnie the Poo with his arms handcuffed behind his back … Read more

With NFTs and AR, a pioneer Singaporean artist’s daughter is helping bring his works closer to the next gen

One of Hazeleen Goh’s earliest childhood memories is of making art alongside her father, the artist Goh Beng Kwan. She recalls cycling with him through the Outram neighborhood to his studio, where she would mix paints and create her own artwork, while he painted away. At times, she would even serve as his muse. The … Read more

The British Museum is still refusing to return the Parthenon sculptures

The museum’s deputy director is claiming the works were ‘removed from the rubble’ around the monument – lol did you sprain your arm with that reach, hun? In recent years, numerous museums have been called upon to return any artworks and artefacts looted from other countries during the colonial era. In European countries like France, … Read more

Five Moments in Miami Sports History That Should Become NFTs

Bored Ape Night is coming to LoanDepot park. It might sound like a sleepy game between the Miami Marlins and San Francisco Giants, but it’s actually a pretty tech-forward event for America’s national pastime. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets whose authenticity and ownership are verified via a tamper-proof network of computers, called the blockchain, … Read more

When a Museum Closes, What Happens to Its Collection?

After a 38-year run, the Powers Museum closed its doors last year. The tiny museum in Carthage, Mo., featured period clothing and furniture, newspaper clippings, letters and photographs to represent life in this rural southwest Missouri town from 1870 to 1940. Immediately upon deciding to close due to insurmountable budget issues, however, board members of … Read more