EV Makers Must Partner With Miners to Secure Key Metals

(Bloomberg) — A key lithium producer in Australia, the world’s top supplier, is urging electric car manufacturers and battery makers to become its partners in new refinery projects, arguing their direct financial backing is vital to avoid shortfalls of the material that’s crucial to the clean energy transition.

The World Sees Brazil’s Election as a Climate Flashpoint. Brazilians Have Other Concerns

(Bloomberg Businessweek) — At the edge of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil’s northern states, there’s no avoiding the billboards. Most any drive through Pará or Rondônia is going to bring you face-to-much-larger-face with President Jair Bolsonaro, who’s up for reelection on Oct. 2. Bolsonaro’s billboards, which sit in freshly plowed soybean fields and at the … Read more

US Redoubles Efforts to End Dependence on Russian Nuclear Fuel

“We are going to get Congressional support in a bipartisan way for us to make our own fuel cycle supply chain independent, certainly of Russia,” Granholm, 63, said in an interview at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. “We’ve got to make this happen for our own independence and national security.”

This Is What Life’s Like in the World’s Strictest Covid Zero City

Seven times since last March, Ruili—on China’s Myanmar border—has felt the full force of Xi Jinping’s Covid Zero policy.