Manchester United and Erik ten Hag ‘disagree’ as we all mourn the sacking of blameless Brendan

Obviously there is no evidence that Erik ten Hag ‘disagrees’ about anything with Manchester United but there we go. Plus, Brendan Rodgers is blameless at Leicester. Can we all agree to ‘disagree’?Pretending something is happening is all part of the fun of the international break. But that should not include just merrily making up quotes … Read more

Ronaldo v Rashford in a raging battle of the Manchester United clicks as football breaks

There’s no football so Ronaldo and Marcus Rashford dominate the football media because Manchester United. Do one, Ron Ron RonYou think nothing is happening in football? Fools. The Sun have an exclusive. ‘Man Utd stars believe Cristiano Ronaldo will push for January transfer after losing place to Marcus Rashford’ And there we were thinking that … Read more

Ronaldo can help guide Manchester United to ‘history’ and ‘title tilt’ after Antony’s message

When Even Cristiano Ronaldo is celebrating Manchester United goals then anything is possible. Like the Premier League title. Or actual history. Crist crossNeil Custis, The SunFebruary 13: ‘The truth that is now staring everyone in the face, and clearly Ronaldo himself, is that his days as a top-class footballer are over. ‘This chapter is unfortunately … Read more

Manchester United given another reason to worry about Martinez as rival boss warns them of plan

Lisandro Martinez remains an area of ​​weakness which rival managers will target, but Manchester United should also worry about his cramping. Number of ordersIt turns out that an excellent individual performance in beating Liverpool is not nearly enough to end the Lisandro Martinez culture war. Bloke is still too small for Our League and that’s … Read more

A strange Cristiano Ronaldo question, Gundogan to Manchester United and Liverpool legend banned

Neil Custis suddenly can’t figure out how Man United and Cristiano Ronaldo got into this mess. And there is one more transfer ‘hammer blow’. Ron turn‘He will score for United, he will win for United and he could even bring the title back this season, he is still that good’ – Neil Custis, August 28, … Read more

Stop pretending Manchester City and Liverpool have been ‘inseparable’ since Guardiola

It really is important to be grateful for Liverpool, without whom Manchester City would have dominated the Premier League under Pep Guardiola. There can be miracles, when you believeWrites Neil Custis in The Sun: ‘It’s incredible to think that this time a year ago United were going into the new season having finished as runners-up … Read more

Manchester United will ‘grimace’ as they leapfrog Brighton while the Sterling narrative begins

The biggest story in football is that Manchester United are low in ‘football’s global power rankings’ while Chelsea plummeted and it’s likely Raheem Sterling’s fault… Global Soccer Power Rankings List UpdateThere’s bad news for the Premier League’s biggest clubs and it’s THE biggest news in football, according to the bods at the Mirror website. Bigger … Read more

De Jong getting shirty at Manchester United as silly Arsenal fail to sign De Bruyne

The football media is particularly silly today, with Lisandro Martinez getting his dream Manchester United shirt number allocated and then taken away again… Getting shirtyThings change very quickly in the extraordinary world of dream shirt numbers. ‘Lisandro Martinez can grab dream shirt number following Manchester United announcement’ – Manchester Evening NewsJuly 17. ‘Lisandro Martinez could … Read more

One friendly down and Manchester United need a keeper and Liverpool ‘transfer gamble backfires’

Manchester United won 4-0 but there must be a negative, while Liverpool need to find a midfield solution apparently… Searching for the negativeManchester United beat Liverpool 4-0 on Tuesday in a friendly that was largely meaningless unless you are looking for Manchester United positives ahead of the new season, and there were just enough positives … Read more

What’s more ‘unfathomable’? Wayne Rooney at DC United or Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney taking the DC United job has discombobulated old-schoolers who think he should walk into Sheffield United or some other big job… Roo the dayStan Collymore is agog at Wayne Rooney taking the DC United job in his Daily Mirror column. Admittedly, it’s a slightly odd decision but we’m not sure it’s so odd … Read more