Texans Cough Up A Late Loss to the Bears, 23-20

Well, if you’re someone who took the Texans to win more than the 4.5 games that most Las Vegas sports books posted before the season (picture me raising my hand), then you can go ahead and crumple up the ticket. It’s over. After the Texans’ gut punch 23-20 loss in Chicago on Sunday, it’s over. … Read more

Andre Johnson Nominated for 2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame

Last year, former Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson made a pretty good run at induction onto the Pro Football Hall of Fame, making it to the final ten names among the modern day candidates. Alas, he was not one of the five inductees, but it was his first year on the ballot, so his … Read more

Texans Head to Chicago Seeking First Win of 2022

If you want a glimpse of how crazy the 2022 NFL season has already been, look no further than the AFC South, where the Texans reside. While “crazy” might not be the word most of the country would use to describe this group of four teams — much more negative and colorful language would probably … Read more

Davis Mills Near Bottom of NFL QB Statistical Rankings

Following the Houston Texans’ 16-9 loss, after one of the most uninspiring offensive performances in team history — this just in, when you don’t score a single touchdown, it automatically puts that game on the “most uninspiring” list of performances — here is what Davis Mills said about his performance through the first two games: … Read more

Snap Counts Indicate Strange Decisions From Houston Texans Coaching Staff

We are one week into the Houston Texans’ 2022 regular season, and already the extremely fan friendly and likable head coach Lovie Smith is in hot water with the team’s fan base. There are two reasons for this. The first one was covered extensively in my Monday recap of the game, and that was the … Read more

Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts Finish in 20-20 Tie

Even with an NFL franchise as young as the Houston Texans, it’s not often you can attend a home game and say that you saw something you’ve never seen your NFL team accomplish before. However, that’s exactly what happened on Sunday, as the Texans were involved in their first tie in franchise history, a 20-20 … Read more

Indianapolis Colts Invade NRG Stadium in 2022 Season Opener

If we are being honest with our assessment of the AFC South in 2022, it remains one of the weaker divisions overall in the National Football League. Also, I think if we’re being honest, we would largely agree that the Indianapolis Colts are the most talented team of the four-team divisional bunch, and the Texans, … Read more

Texans Trying To Give Davis Mills Maximum Support

Say what you will about Houston Texans second year QB Davis Mills. You may believe in him, or maybe you don’t, but his head coach Lovie Smith believes in him unequivocally. When asked about Mills in his Monday press conference last week, here is what Smith said about Mills’ prospects for this season and his … Read more