Apple Boosting Pay Budget for Workers Amid Tight Labor Market

Apple is boosting pay for workers amid rising inflation, a tight labor market and unionization pushes among hourly store employees. The iPhone maker on Wednesday told employees in an email that the company is increasing its overall compensation budget. Starting pay for hourly workers in the US will rise to $ 22 an hour, or … Read more

Teen Babysitters Are Charging $ 30 An Hour Now, Because They Can

Before the pandemic, Dani Gantcher earned about $ 15 an hour babysitting in her hometown of Scarsdale, NY Parents sometimes asked her to wash dishes or stay late. Now, the 18-year-old is raking in $ 25 to $ 30 an hour. Moms and dads are asking a lot less from her. And they treat her … Read more

In This Economy, Getting Fired Takes Hard Work

To hold down a job these days, a worker seemingly needs one essential trait: a pulse. Some jobs have always required little more than the ability to stay awake. In the tightest labor market in a half-century, people in higher functions may get by just going through the motions, too. “You’d have to be incredibly … Read more

Travelers are hitting the road this Memorial Day Weekend but will pay more for airfares and gas and Americans have bet $ 125 billion on sports in the past four years

Hi, MarketWatchers. Do not miss these top stories. ‘All kinds of stories and explanations are popping up’: My brother moved in with our mother after our father died in 2015, and transferred family property into his name ‘They no longer live in it and the property has gone into disrepair at this point.’ Read More … Read more

Raymond James boss Paul Reilly bets big on the UK: ‘I do not have a cap on the number of hires’

It is June 2016. The UK votes to leave the EU. Reports predict thousands of job losses and a severe decline in the City of London. That’s when bosses at Raymond James began the company’s push into European investment banking. Some questioned whether the US mid-market specialist’s foray into the UK and Europe would last. … Read more

How Workers Gained Leverage, and Why They Won’t Lose It Soon – Barron’s

How Workers Gained Leverage, And Why They Won’t Lose It SoonBarron’s

Will inflation push more people to go back to work? ‘They’ll be entering a job market that’s eager to have them,’ one economist says

Labor costs are driving up inflation. But will inflation also drive more people back to the workforce? The annual rate of inflation slowed to 8.3% in April from 8.5% the previous month, helped by a fall in gasoline prices, but consumers still face rapidly rising costs. The March reading was the highest since 1981. The … Read more

Fed official says he does not buy the ‘Great Resignation’ – suggests employers play up labor shortage to avoid paying higher wages

Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari said he does not “really buy the Great Resignation” – the term for the Americans who have quit their jobs in droves during the pandemic. Instead, it’s more that people are leaving certain careers to seize better opportunities in others, Kashkari said during a talk Friday at the University … Read more

With Higher Pay and Better Hours, Teens Jump Into the Job Market

Teenagers are coming to the rescue of business owners struggling to find enough workers in one of the hottest job markets in decades. Teens are now working in greater numbers than they have since before the 2008-09 financial crisis, when summer and part-time jobs were a more common rite of passage into adulthood, government statistics … Read more

The Class of 2022 Is in Demand. What Do New Grads Want?

Meet the class of 2022. They are the most in-demand college graduates to enter the job market in years. They have the expectations to match. Grads are seeking more money and flexibility and more specifics about likely assignments than previous classes. Some want their employers to take stands on social issues. And after wrapping the … Read more