Charles Payne: It’s time for poor Americans to demand this – Fox Business

Charles Payne: It’s time for poor Americans to demand thisFox Business Charles Payne: Everywhere I go people ask me one questionFox News Charles Payne: This is absolutely nutsFox Business Inflation is exceptionally high: Michael BrightFox Business Charles Payne: These stocks may have a lot of potentialFox Business View Full Coverage on Google News

Thinking about a Roth conversion? If you have an IRA, consider this ‘bear market bonus’

If you’ve been thinking about converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, here’s the good news: This year’s market turmoil may be giving you a golden opportunity to do it. That’s because the stocks and bonds in your traditional IRA are probably valued at a lot less than they were a year ago, or … Read more

Hartmann: St. Louis Public Schools Are Not Your Bank, Cortex | Hartmann | St. Louis

click to enlarge Does Cortex really need tax increment financing for an apartment building? The people who exalt themselves as the guardians of St. Louis cleared a hurdle last week towards the noble cause of ever-so-gently sucker-punching the St. Louis Public Schools. All in the name of progress. The city’s Tax Increment Financing Commission approved … Read more

9 Best Tax Deductions For Freelancers To Claim | Smart Change: Personal Finance

Taylor Medine – Forbes Advisor Freelancing full time or part time can offer you job flexibility and an extra stream of income, but the taxes can be a headache. When you earn income without having taxes withheld, you are responsible for estimating and paying taxes on your own. If you underestimate what you should be … Read more

Hartmann: Missouri Just Can’t Reason About Taxes | Hartmann | St. Louis

click to enlarge Missouri Governor Mike Parson wants to lower Missouri’s tax rate forever because we have a temporary budget surplus. Missouri is like a family in which everyone has agreed that a vacation is sorely needed. All the schedules have been coordinated. Everyone has arranged to be gone. The packing is done. The car … Read more

Will Social Security Run Out? No, but It Will Hit a Breaking Point. What It Means for You.

Will Bowron doesn’t give much thought to retirement. The 32-year-old from Birmingham, Ala., is busy with his job at his family’s coffee and tea roaster, his wife and young child, and a side career writing crime fiction. But when he does get around to thinking about his future, Bowron doesn’t imagine Social Security being any … Read more

This is ‘risky gambling’: Indiana AG – Fox Business

This is ‘risky gambling’: Indiana AGFox Business

What Are Payroll Taxes? An Employee’s Guide | Smart Change: Personal Finance

Tara Mastroeni – Forbes Advisor If you’re wondering why your paycheck is smaller than your salary suggests it should be, the answer may be payroll taxes. Businesses collect these taxes regularly and pay them on behalf of their employees. The money is used to fund vital government programs. You may not like the shrinkage in … Read more

Why IRS is after 82-year-old grandmother whose family fled the Nazis

The Internal Revenue Service is demanding that an 82-year-old grandmother whose family fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s pay more than $2 million in penalties because she failed to report her father’s endowment to the agency on time. Monica Toth, a resident of the Boston area, is now asking the US Supreme Court to prevent … Read more