2-year Treasury tops 4.2%, a 15-year high as Fed jolts short-term rates higher

Yields marched higher on Friday, with the yield on the 2-year Treasury notching a new 15-year high as markets assessed the Federal Reserve’s latest rate hike and what it means for the economy going forward. The policy-sensitive 2-year Treasury hovered above 4.2%, hitting a 15-year high of 4.266% earlier in the session. It last traded … Read more

10-year Treasury yield falls as markets digest Fed rate hike

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury fell on Friday as markets adjusted to the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike and attention turned towards flash PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) data for September that is due to be released later in the day. The 10-year Treasury note last traded at 3.6946%, down 1 basis point as … Read more

Fed paper explores rate hike impact on money markets

Research published by the Federal Reserve estimates how money markets will readjust as the central bank hikes rates and sells assets. Tighter policy is likely to set off a complicated series of fund flows. The Fed is keen to understand where the money will end up, to avoid a repeat of the 2019 spike in … Read more

Layoffs loom on the horizon, some economists say

From rising inflation to a red-hot job market and the negative gross domestic product in between, economists are divided on the health of the US economy. “There has been a lot of talk recently that we’re in a recession. We have two quarters of declining GDP that often happens with the recession. … But we … Read more

Crypto’s bear market is unlike others before it. This time the Fed’s steering the ship

Although it may not feel like it, the cryptocurrency industry has reason to celebrate. True, it’s been a bumpy ride this year — and for a good while, it seemed like a never-ending downhill trip. But Bitcoin is no stranger to plunges. The reason for jubilation is that while there has been lots and lots … Read more

Fed raising rates ‘will end in tears’ for investors

The Federal Reserve’s moves to curb inflation will not end well for some investors, Scott Minerd of Guggenheim Partners said Monday. Minerd told CNBC’s “The Exchange” that the Fed may “overdo it” when it comes to efforts to mitigate inflationary pressures through rate hikes. The result, he said, would be a tough period for investors … Read more

US Fed interest rate decision key driver for markets this week: Analysts

Equity markets will be driven by the outcome of the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision this week, analysts said. Moreover, equity benchmarks will also continue to be guided by foreign fund movement and trends in Brent crude oil, they added. “The global markets are looking nervous after the US inflation … Read more

Here’s why I bought 2-year Treasurys for my personal portfolio

CNBC’s Jim Cramer told his Investing Club members Thursday that he personally bought 2-year Treasury notes — because for the first time in a really long time, the yields are more competitive with stock returns, especially when factoring in the risk-free nature of government -backed bonds. Before we get any further, we want to explain … Read more

Why recent homebuyers have regrets about their purchases

A ‘for sale’ sign hangs in front of a home on June 21, 2022 in Miami, Florida. According to the National Association of Realtors, sales of existing homes dropped 3.4% to a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 5.41 million units. Sales were 8.6% lower than in May 2021. As existing-home sales declined, the median price … Read more

Consumer watchdog to investigate record-high credit card rates

Credit cards are one of the easiest and most common ways to borrow money — but also one of the most expensive. Now the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is looking into just how much banks charge in credit card interest. With inflation surging, consumers have increasingly turned to credit cards to make ends meet, prompting … Read more