Ukraine: Biden Says He’s Convinced Putin Has Decided to Invade Ukraine

Biden cited “significant” US intelligence capability in support of his assertions, though he did not elaborate. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied it plans to invade Ukraine, while massing more than 150,000 troops on the country’s borders, according to the US, and demanding concessions from Washington and NATO.

Not All Government Reforms Are Created Equal

(Bloomberg Opinion) – Let’s play a little anti-reform politics. I’ve got two reforms to oppose, and one I more or less agree with but do not think matters. Richard H. Pildes writes in favor of Alaska’s “top four” election scheme, and recommends other states adopt it. This system, put in place this year, will eliminate … Read more

Putin Signals Talks With US, NATO to Continue Amid Crisis

(Bloomberg) – Russia should continue talks with the US and its allies on its demands for security guarantees in Europe, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told President Vladimir Putin Monday, suggesting the Kremlin will extend efforts to reach a diplomatic solution to surging tensions with the West.