World’s largest chip maker says this aggressive action must be taken – Fox Business

The world’s largest chip maker says this aggressive action must be takenFox Business

World Economic Forum: Leaders warn of possible recession at the Davos meet | Latest English News – WION

World Economic Forum: Leaders warn of possible recession at the Davos meet | Latest English NewsWION Expect the hot labor market to continue for 3-5 years, even with an economic slowdown, KPMG US chief exec saysBusiness Insider India The latest Fortune 500 CEO survey does not show a lot of optimismFortune KPMG US CEO: Labor … Read more

E-marketplace for toxic assets being given a leg up

The insolvency regulator is weighing steps to invigorate an online marketplace for stressed assets, which will allow potential investors access to crucial details about the assets available for both resolution and liquidation and enable them to submit their interests, sources told FE. The Platform for Distressed Asset (PDA) was mooted in 2019 but it did … Read more

Why the stagflation alarm bells are sounding – Fox Business

Why the stagflation alarm bells are soundingFox Business Cathie Wood Watch: Seeing Stagdeflation Rather Than StagflationTheStreet Stagflation fears rising, with 77% of investors forecasting economic stormFox Business The Fed must act now to ward off the threat of stagflationFinancial Times More technical than bullish [Video]  FXStreet View Full Coverage on Google News

Recession will not strike stocks despite ugly market

While retail investors head for the exits as stock prices fluctuate sharply, Evercore ISI’s Julian Emanuel wants to put money to work. He calls the market environment very ugly, but he believes the economy will avert a recession – particularly due to healthy credit markets and continued gains. “The path to higher [stock] prices really … Read more

Society ‘may not survive’ Putin’s war, says billionaire George Soros

That was the stark message that Hungarian-born billionaire and philanthropist George Soros delivered on Tuesday to attendees at the 2022 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “Even when the fighting stops, as it eventually must, the situation will never revert” to where it was before, warned the 91-year-old Soros. “Other issues that concern all of … Read more

US ‘trade initiative promises gains, but challenges remain: Analysts

The US-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) has the potential to evolve into a broader trade agreement that will enable India to reap advantage of being in a large region-specific trade bloc after its exit from the China-dominated RCEP, trade economists told FE. However, the group’s focus on pillars such as data flow and … Read more

What retail woes signal about the market’s fight against inflation

Jay Laprete | Bloomberg | Getty Images Retailers are missing and missing big. It started last week with the Walmart and Target results which showed big inventory builds and the need for markdowns, and it’s been followed up by weak earnings and outlook from Abercrombie & Fitch which sent its shares tumbling in a similar … Read more