With Magic Mushrooms, Small Businesses Lead, Hoping Laws Will Follow

(Bloomberg Businessweek) — It’s hard to miss the bright green banner draped over Vancouver’s Coca Leaf Café that declares: MUSHROOM DISPENSARY. Inside, aging hippies, solitary businessmen, and streetwear-clad youth peruse glass cases filled with a dozen strains of “magic” mushrooms with names such as Penis Envy and Jedi Mind Trick. Also on the menu at … Read more

Amazon to Buy Primary-Care Firm One Medical in $3.9 Billion All-Cash Deal

(Bloomberg) — Amazon.com Inc. announced it would buy primary-care company One Medical for $18 a share, the latest move by the e-commerce giant to muscle into the healthcare market. The all-cash transaction has an equity value of $3.49 billion. One Medical, whose parent is called 1Life Healthcare Inc., operates 182 medical offices in 25 markets … Read more

How Worried Should You Be About Omicron BA.5?

(Bloomberg Opinion) – The way we think about the Covid pandemic have evolved with the virus: In 2020, it was a potentially deadly threat we could avoid by being careful; in 2021, it was something that was likely to infect everyone eventually; and now, it’s becoming seen as a persistent health hazard that can re-infect … Read more

WHO Chief Warns of Rising Infections, Deaths From New Covid Wave

Still, “the virus is spreading at a very intense level at a global level,” even as surveillance, including testing and sequencing to detect and identify strains, is declining, said Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s Technical Lead Officer for Covid-19.

Burning Cash, Ultrafast Grocery Delivery Ramps Up in India

(Bloomberg Businessweek) – A new TV commercial in India features white-clad mourners grieving at the funeral rites of a departed loved one. The object of their grief is a refrigerator. “” —Or “What use is a refrigerator?” – ask matching full-page ads for the campaign touting instant grocery brand Dunzo, which offers delivery of fresh … Read more

Biden Says US Recession Avoidable After Call With Ex-Treasury Secretary Summers

(Bloomberg) – President Joe Biden reiterated that a US recession is not “inevitable” following a conversation with former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, who sees a significant chance the country will find itself battling stagflation. “I was talking to Larry Summers this morning, and there’s nothing inevitable about a recession,” Biden told reporters Monday at Rehoboth … Read more

If You’re Thinking of Taking Fridays Off This Summer, You’re Not Alone

“In a tight labor market with fierce competition for talent, but also rising input costs, many businesses have raised wages as much as they feel they can afford and are looking for non-monetary ways to appeal to candidates,” said Julia Pollak, ZipRecruiter’s chief economist. Offering Fridays off in the summer months appeals to job-seekers, she … Read more