UK’s Biggest Tax Cuts Since 1972 Trigger Crash In Pound, Bonds

Liz Truss’s government set out the most radical package of tax cuts for the UK since 1972, reducing levies both on worker pay and companies in an effort to boost the long term potential of the economy.

Inflation Winds Keep Blowing Strong

US consumer prices were resurgent last month, dashing hopes of a nascent slowdown and likely assuring another historically large interest-rate hike from the Fed. Against a backdrop of robust labor market conditions that’s driven up wages, odds favor the central bank becoming that much more aggressive to take more wind out of the economy’s sails … Read more

Sembcorp Gains on Plan to Sell India Coal Power Business

Shares rose as much as 5.1% to the highest on record. Sembcorp, which operates two coal-fired plants in India with a combined capacity of 2.6 gigawatts, said in an exchange filing Monday that the sale of the business will accelerate its shift from ‘brown to green.’ Tanweer, which will become the sole shareholder of the … Read more

Abu Dhabi’s Second-Largest Bank Plans $1 Billion Bad Debt Sale

Codenamed Project Turbo, the emirate’s second-largest lender recently kicked off a process to sell claims of about 4.1 billion dirhams ($1.1 billion) that are mainly secured by personal and corporate guarantees, as well as real estate assets, according to a bank presentation for potential buyers.

World’s Deadliest Roads In Focus After Billionaire’s Fatal Crash

While the police have given scant details about Mistry’s accident, the incident puts the focus back on the condition of roads in India, which are used by truck drivers to transport more than two thirds of the nation’s goods, underscoring their economic importance. In 2020, India reported more than 3.6 million road crashes with 1.3 … Read more

Energy Crisis Tearing Through Markets Leaves a Trail of Losers

The energy crisis that’s late inflation soaring across the world is leaving stock traders with a challenge to figure out where to put their money.

Adam Neumann’s New Startup Flow Gets Backing From Andreessen Horowitz

Details on Flow are scant, but the company seeks to address America’s housing crisis, in part by offering community-centric services in apartment properties. Already, Neumann has purchased thousands of residential units in Atlanta; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Miami; and Nashville, Tennessee, where he plans to operate as a landlord.