Bitcoin is a self-fulfilling prophecy: Tech analyst – Fox Business

Bitcoin is a self-fulfilling prophecy: Tech analystFox Business

Stocks give more returns than Bitcoin in August so far. Where is the crypto leader headed?

On Thursday, the Nasdaq Composite index is trading at 12,982.46 up by 44.34 points or 0.34% at around 12.09 pm EDT. The index inched closer to the 13,000-mark and touched an intraday high of 12,996.14. The index had crossed more than 13,100 levels earlier this week. Taking into consideration Thursday’s high, the tech-heavy index Nasdaq … Read more

Cryptocurrency Market: Crypto clients beg for their cash back after lender’s crash

An Irishman at risk of losing his farm. An American having suicidal thoughts. An 84-year-old widow’s lost life savings: People caught in the meltdown of crypto lender Celsius are pleading for their money back. Hundreds of letters have poured in to the judge overseeing the firm’s multi-billion-dollar bankruptcy and they are heavy with anger, shame, … Read more

Crypto winter: Why this bitcoin bear market is different from the past

For a generation of alienated techies, crypto’s all-for-one ethos was its biggest draw. Now panic is spreading across this universe – and that same ethos is posing what may be the biggest threat yet to its survival. What started this year in crypto markets as a “risk-off” bout of selling fueled … Read more

Cryptocurrency Market Showing Signs Of Recovery Post Freefall

After witnessing weeks of slump, the cryptocurrency market is showing signs of recovery Some investors are now betting that bitcoin is bottoming out, judging by the money heading into listed cryptocurrency funds, which represent just a slice of the market yet are popular among institutional and retail players alike. Overall flows into such funds turned … Read more

Cryptocurrency Market: Do cryptocurrencies have value or is it just about price?

Think about the first time you heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin. What attracted you to the asset? What made you buy in? Over the past years, if you assume that someone bought a crypto thinking they were about to become overnight millionaires, it’s a fallacy. Every investor needs to look at the valuation and, … Read more