The Stock Market Has Avoided a Bear. But the Selloff Isn’t Over

The S&P 500 index refuses to fall into a bear market — but that does not mean it’s found a bottom just yet. Not that it was not a painful week. The S&P 500 dropped 3% and has now fallen 18.7% from its Jan. 3 all-time high. A slide of 20%, which it touched Friday … Read more

How Workers Gained Leverage, and Why They Won’t Lose It Soon – Barron’s

How Workers Gained Leverage, And Why They Won’t Lose It SoonBarron’s

The Future of Transportation Is a Lot More Than Tesla. How to Invest.

We once thought the future of transportation meant George Jetson’s flying car. Instead, we got Elon Musk’s Tesla — the company and the electric car — whose twin successes jolted the global automotive industry and are speeding the (eventual) demise of the internal combustion engine. One might think, from the stock market or Twitter, that … Read more

Ed Sheeran – 2steppin in a Cork dressing room – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran – 2steppin in a Cork dressing roomEd Sheeran Ed Sheeran Belfast: What is the setlist for the singer’s Mathematics tourBelfast Live How to buy tickets to see Calderdale-born Ed Sheeran perform liveHalifax Courier Ed Sheeran Belfast: Where is the Mathematics tour coming to in Northern IrelandBelfast Live Ed Sheeran Belfast: When is the … Read more

Facebook Is Broken. Execs Say a Fix Won’t Come Fast.

Meta Platforms, the former Facebook, has come under heavy fire from Congress, regulators, and even its own users, but there has been nothing like the crisis it now faces. Its core business is decelerating, and investors are questioning whether Meta can ever get back its money-minting mojo. The company’s superpower — its ability to precisely … Read more

Instagram Censors Miami New Times “Say Gay” Cover Image of Robert Andy Coombs

On Tuesday, New Times published “CripFag,” a profile of Robert Andy Coombs a Miami-based artist whose photographs explore the intersection of disability, queerness, and sex. The story is featured on the cover of this week’s issue, which coincides with the Miami Beach Pride festival taking place April 1-10. The cover, designed by Kristin Bjornsen, shows … Read more

Miley Cyrus – Like a Prayer (From ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE) – MileyCyrusVEVO

Miley Cyrus – Like a Prayer (From ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE)MileyCyrusVEVO Miley Cyrus Releases First Live Album, Featuring Two Unreleased SongsTalent Recap Miley Cyrus Drops First-Ever Live Album Featuring Songs Curated by Her Fans: ‘So Excited’PEOPLE Miley Cyrus’ Live Album Includes Songs From All but 2 Albums – Those From Her Liam Hemsworth ErasShowbiz Cheat Sheet … Read more

Is the Housing Market Going to Crash? With Rising Mortgage Rates and Sky-high Home Prices, First-Time Buyers Are Being Locked Out

When Kellie Stofko and her fiancé, Liam McRae, started house hunting last August, it was with the vision of trading their 800-square-foot Atlanta apartment for a roomier home of their own in time for the holidays. Half a year, dozens of home tours, and eight unsuccessful bids later, Stofko, 25, and McRae, 26, have moved … Read more