Apple plant’s Shanghai workers revolt over lockdowns: report

Worker unrest is on the rise at the Shanghai factory of a major supplier for Apple gadgets, with protests at times turning violent in response to draconian “COVID zero” lockdowns. Workers at the Quanta Computer plant – which makes Apple’s MacBook laptops – have been under strict lockdown for nearly two months with limited supplies … Read more

North Korea’s tiny COVID death rate leaves many in disbelief

According to North Korea, its fight against COVID-19 has been impressive: About 3.3 million people have been reported sick with fevers, but only 69 have died. If all are coronavirus cases, that’s a fatality rate of 0.002%, something no other country, including the world’s richest, has achieved against a disease that has killed more than … Read more

Zoo Day With Ed Yong, Resident Animals (and Pandemic) Sense Maker

Leave it to Ed Yong to wax poetic about alligator lips. We’re leaning over the railing outside the National Zoo’s reptile house in D.C. in order to get a closer view of the scaly specimen in the grass a few feet away, particularly of the freckles lining the edge of its jaws. “They’re like human … Read more

Jeff Bridges Was “Pretty Close to Dying” After Contracting COVID-19 While Undergoing Chemotherapy

Jeff Bridges is treasuring the time he gets to spend with his wife, grandkids, and new puppy these days after nearly facing death twice over. The actor described the last year and a half of his life as “a bizarre dream” in a new interview with People after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and then … Read more

Oakland, San Jose hovers closer to pre-COVID passenger activity

Travelers at San Jose International Airport, November 2021. SAN JOSE — Both Oakland and San Jose airports have seen a large increase in passenger traffic in recent months this year, but travel remains well below pre-coronavirus levels. The economic suffering triggered by the coronavirus has also ushered in a distinct role reversal for the airports … Read more

Center announces world’s largest film restoration project, 2,200 films to be restored

The Center will undertake the largest film restoration project in the world under the National Film Heritage Mission. As part of the drive, over 2,200 films across genres and languages ​​will be restored, Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting Anurag Thakur said. Speaking at the 17th Asia Media Summit via videoconferencing, Thakur said preservation connected … Read more

Credit card base grows fastest in nearly two years in March

India’s credit card user base increased at the fastest pace in 23 months in March 2022, suggesting a return to pre-Covid-era trends. Card spends also crossed the TRs 1-trillion mark during the month. According to data released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the banking system reported net additions of 1.9 million credit cards … Read more

FTC launches investigation into infant formula shortage

A woman shops for baby formula at Target in Annapolis, Maryland, on May 16, 2022, as a nationwide shortage of baby formula continues due to supply chain crunches tied to the coronavirus pandemic that have already strained the countrys formula stock, an issue that was further exacerbated by a major product recall in February. Jim … Read more