In 2020, Blue-Chip Art Businesses Flocked to the Hamptons. Are They in It for the Long Haul?

It’s way more than just a summer fling. Two years after blue-chip galleries and major auction houses rushed to set up shop in the Hamptons in order to capitalize on the enclave’s dense population of indefinitely decamped millionaires and billionaires, the local art scene is showing no signs of cooling down. In the early months … Read more

A Sculptor’s Lawsuit Against Jeff Koons Over the Originality of the Mega-Artist’s Most Infamous Work Can Proceed, a US Judge Rules

Artist Jeff Koons is in the legal crosshairs again for alleged copyright infringement after a US federal judge struck down his request to dismiss a case revolving around his infamous “Made in Heaven” series. This latest lawsuit against the artist comes from Michael Hayden, who alleges in a claim first filed in December that Koons … Read more

‘He’s Entitled to His Opinion’: We Spoke to the Fan Artist Who Went Viral After Music Legend David Crosby Insulted His Tribute Portrait

David Crosby, of the band Crosby Stills and Nash, has become the subject of widespread derision for his insulting response to a fan who shared a portrait of the 80-year-old musician on Twitter. DJB Sackett, a 54-year-old charity worker from Sheffield, UK, started making art for the first time in 30 years after being furloughed … Read more

What I Buy and Why: Collector Melissa Neumann on Finding Her Spirituality in Art, and the Urgency of Supporting Living Artists

For Melissa Neumann, collecting is in her blood. Her grandfather Morton G. Neumann began buying art in the 1950s, traveling to Europe with her father, Hubert Neumann, and befriending artists including Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró. After Morton’s death, in 1984, Hubert began shifting his focus to emerging artists such as Jeff Koons and Jean-Michel … Read more

New Analog Recording of Bob Dylan’s’ Blowin ‘in the Wind’ Makes Nearly $ 2 Million at Auction

Bob Dylan just sold a new one-of-a-kind recording of his hit single “Blowin ‘in the Wind” for £ 1.48 million ($ 1.77 million) at Christie’s London. The song was recorded with producer Joseph Henry “T-Bone” Burnett, who played electric guitar and piano on Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue tour in the mid-1970s. Burnett has developed a … Read more

Richard Armstrong, Who Led the Guggenheim for Almost 15 Years, Will Step Down as Director in 2023

Richard Armstrong is stepping down as director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, which oversees museums in New York, Venice, Bilbao, and Abu Dhabi. “Sometime next spring, I’ll be leaving the museum,” Armstrong told the Financial Times in an interview published Friday. “It’ll be almost 15 years by then and that’s a long time. The … Read more

New York’s Famed Chelsea Hotel, a Longtime Home to Artists, Becomes the Star of the Show in a Documentary About Its History

In a way, it’s fitting that Dreaming Walls: Inside the Chelsea Hotel is less of a documentary film and more of a portrait of the New York institution, both during its heyday and during the seemingly endless renovations that upended the lives of its long-term residents over the past 10 years. Indeed, the place that … Read more

Editors’ Picks: 11 Events for Your Art Calendar This Week, From a Midsummer Dance Party to Cindy Sherman’s Debut at Hauser and Wirth

Each week, we search for the most exciting and thought-provoking shows, screenings, and events, both digitally and in-person in the New York area. See our picks from around the world below. (Times are all ET unless otherwise noted.) Wednesday, July 6 – Thursday, August 18 Liu Shiming, right with the clay maquette for Cutting Through … Read more

‘It’s the First Step in Trying to Tell My Narrative’: Anna Delvey Tells Us How Minting 2,000 NFTs Will Help Her Reinvent Herself

“You should just NFT yourself.” That was the advice Anna Sorokin — better known as the socialite grifter Anna Delvey — received from one Twitter user during her brief stint of freedom in early 2021, when she was released from prison early for good behavior. “It came about because somebody bought [the domain name] … Read more