Anyone can now use powerful AI tools to make images. What could possibly go wrong?

CNN Business — If you’ve ever wanted to use artificial intelligence to quickly design a hybrid between a duck and a corgi, now is your time to shine. On Wednesday, OpenAI announced that anyone can now use the most recent version of its AI-powered DALL-E tool to generate a seemingly limitless range of images just … Read more

The internet’s new favorite video game is like ‘Guitar Hero’ but with trombones

New York CNN Business — If you liked “Guitar Hero” but wished it had more brass instruments, you’re in luck. A new rhythm game called “Trombone Champ” has struck a chord with users online, bringing the kind of much-needed levity to the internet that only a trombone can. Numerous videos have been shared Wed social … Read more

Best smartphones of 2022 | CNN Underscored

Smartphones are at the center of our digital lives — they’re what we use to communicate with loved ones, handle important business, binge on TikToks and everything in between. And since you’ll likely use your phone more than any other gadget you own, picking the right one to last you through years of use is … Read more

Best cooling fans of 2021

CNN  —  If you’re looking to keep cool during the hottest months without running up your energy bill, a great cooling fan is your best bet. Used alone or along with your AC, you can stay cool and alert on long Zoom calls in your home office or study sessions in your dorm room, and … Read more

Paris Hilton wants to be the ‘Queen of the Metaverse’

CNN – A fuschia Bentley drives down a twisty desert road toward the entrance of the Neon Carnival, an after-party held each year during Coachella. Paris Hilton has arrived. Here hair is in pigtails, twisted in part with white flowers, and she’s wearing a sparkly pink romper that matches her platform boots. She greets fans … Read more