Tensions flare over the EU’s new irresponsible big spender: Germany – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago, when Europe was in the throes of the eurozone crisis, Germany led the drive for austerity. Now the rest of Europe is fuming about Germany’s heavy spending on energy subsidies that they fear could exacerbate the Continent’s politically explosive … Read more

The viral Miami Boys Choir is spreading Jewish joy on TikTok

Sure, Chananya Begun was surprised when he saw people on TikTok obsessing over a 2008 performance by the Miami Boys Choir, an Orthodox Jewish pop group led by his father, Yerachmiel Begun. But he wasn’t that surprised. After all, everything about it is ridiculously good. The soaring tween vocals! The funky sax break! The choreography! … Read more

Here’s who made Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business list for 2022

The competition to be listed among Fortune’s Most Powerful Women has gotten a little stiffer this year. In recognition of just how global business has become, Fortune decided to merge its domestic and international lists of top corporate women leaders. Still, in some ways, this year’s top 10 list is similar to last year’s with … Read more

Credit Suisse anxiety shows just how freaked out markets are right now

London CNN Business — Social media speculation that Credit Suisse was on the brink of collapse sent shares of the Swiss bank on a wild ride in recent days, as investors traded off the frenzy and bought up protection in case of a default. But the hand-wringing over the global lender’s fortunes appears to say … Read more

Things You Should Never Say To Your Amazon Alexa

If you own an Alexa, you’ve willingly allowed a tiny corporate spy to live in your home and record your every word. When you’re around someone, here are the things you should never say. “Alexa, order Mountain Dew.” “Alexa, order Mountain Dew.” If your Amazon Alexa hears this, it will order you Mountain Dew. “Alexa, … Read more

Tesla Deliveries Set a Record. Shares Should Fall.

Tesla quarterly deliveries set a new record, but the number probably won’t be good enough to support shares for the next couple of weeks. On Sunday, Tesla (ticker: TSLA) reported delivery figures for the third quarter. It delivered 343,830 cars and produced 365,923 cars.

Shares in Volkswagen’s Porsche gain 5% on stock market debut

Washington/London CNN Business — Shares of Porsche gained as much as 5% on their stock market debut in Frankfurt after Volkswagen spun out the premium sports car maker in one of Europe’s biggest listings on record. Volkswagen priced the Porsche initial public offering (IPO) at €82.50 ($80) a share, raising approximately €9.4 billion, on Wednesday. … Read more

Microsoft, Chevron and 3 Other Favorite Stocks to Buy, According to Advisors

For most of 2022, the market has been a grim place, with stocks swept up in the Federal Reserve’s war on stubbornly high inflation. But while the long-term outlook for markets might seem gloomy, individual stocks can shine. Wise investors give their holdings years, not months, to pay off. With that in mind, Barron’s asked … Read more

Anyone can now use powerful AI tools to make images. What could possibly go wrong?

CNN Business — If you’ve ever wanted to use artificial intelligence to quickly design a hybrid between a duck and a corgi, now is your time to shine. On Wednesday, OpenAI announced that anyone can now use the most recent version of its AI-powered DALL-E tool to generate a seemingly limitless range of images just … Read more

Premarket stocks: Markets are hoping Porsche can break the IPO freeze

A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business’ Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can sign up right here. You can listen to an audio version of the newsletter by clicking the same link. New York CNN Business — Warnings of global recession are widespread, inflation is persistent and Russia is … Read more