Art Industry News: 10-Year-Old Art Star Whose Work Sells for a Quarter-Million Dollars Says ‘Older People Just Don’t Get It’ + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Here’s what you need to know on this Tuesday, September 27. NEED TO READ Zehra Doğan Speaks Out for Iranian Women – The Kurdish artist and journalist staged a performance using henna, hair, and … Read more

Art Industry News: For Years, the Guggenheim Gave a Lucky (Talented) Artist $100,000 Each Year. Not Anymore + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Here’s what you need to know on this Monday, September 26. NEED-TO-READ Rijksmuseum Tells Cleaners to Stand Down in Show About Bugs – Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum has ordered its cleaning staff to lay off spiders … Read more

Painting Helped ‘James Bond’ Star Pierce Brosnan Cope With Grief. Now, an LA Gallery Will Show the Actor’s Deeply Personal Art

Actor and one-time James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has revealed to the world, via Instagram, an intensely personal painting he made in 1987 relating to his late wife’s cancer d of his wife, Australian actor Cassandra Harris, to whom he was married from 1980 two 1991. The actor has said that he started painting while … Read more

Kristi Cavataro Is a Fast-Rising Sculptor Breathing New Life Into an Ancient Medium: Stained Glass

When the fifth edition of the “Greater New York” survey exhibition opened last year, one presentation that generated buzz was a group of jewel-toned sculptures that would look as at home on a playground as in its MoMA PS1 gallery. A cluster of interlocking arches seemed caught in mid-somersault on the floor, near what looked … Read more

The Late ‘Golden Girls’ Star Betty White’s Art Collection, Emmys, and Other Personal Belongings Are Up for Auction

Items once belonging to the beloved late actress Betty White are going up for auction in Beverly Hills, including her director’s chair from the set of Golden Girls and the hit TV show’s first script, which White read to consider playing the role of Rose. The items span White’s illustrious, seven-decade career as the “mayor … Read more

See How a Colombian Collector Turned Pablo Escobar’s Former Mexican Hideout Into an Art-Filled Hotel

Roughly a decade ago, the Colombian-born, New York-based art collector Lio Malca visited the Mexican resort town Tulum. What was planned as a quick one-day stint turned into a week, and soon he was searching for oceanfront real estate. He did not know then that the following year a prime, once-in-a-lifetime piece of property would … Read more

Meet Isamaya Ffrench, the ‘Salvador Dalí of Modern Makeup’ Who Sees the Face as a 3D Canvas

At first blush, one might describe Isamaya Ffrench as a makeup artist (or MUA), but the label proves woefully reductive. While her painted faces have graced the runways of Thom Browne, Junya Watanabe, and Vivienne Westwood, she is an artist with a capital A. Citing English painter Francis Bacon, French photographer and perfumer Serge Lutens, … Read more

Deana Lawson’s Photos Are Stunningly Popular. They’re Also Dangerously Misunderstood

In recent years, I’ve thought a lot about the role of the image in the U.S.’s epistemological crisis. New and deeper forms of segregation—economic, residential, and algorithmic—have hampered our ability to visualize American life. This crisis of imagination reveals itself in the work of Deana Lawson, whose large-scale photographs are often referred to as representing … Read more

How Eagle-Eyed Market Players Helped Elevate Once-Obscure Painter Lynne Drexler’s Prices From $50 to Over $1 Million—and Beyond

The Abstract-Expressionist painter Lynne Drexler toiled in obscurity for decades, much of it on a remote island in Maine. In the 10 years after her death, in 1999, a few regional auction houses and mid-range dealers discovered the artist and developed a five-figure market for her work. Then, just this year, the auction market for … Read more

Inside Zoë Buckman’s Studio, Where Vintage Embroidery Thread Is Reborn as Poignant Textile Art

Zoe Buckman is known for her needling work—and that’s not just because her art predominantly involves embroidery. Her subject matter, which explores experiences of gendered violence and trauma, consistently picks at the pervasive social and political environments that enable these harms. The artist is celebrating her first solo exhibition in the UK, “Bloodwork,” now on … Read more