Zakir Hussain says feelings for India are beyond explanation

Tabla maestro Zakir Hussain says his feelings for India cannot be described in words as the country holds a very special place in his heart. “It is a feeling that is beyond explanation. India is a very special country for me. It is like a music symphony that despite different components of music are able … Read more

‘I’m Not Promoting Cannibalism, But…’ Subscriber Tattoos | Tattoo Artists React – Inked

‘I’m Not Promoting Cannibalism, But…’ Subscriber Tattoos | Tattoo Artists ReactInked

South Australian Living Artists festival shines light on regional talent

Regional artists are encouraging residents to connect with the creative culture in their towns as the 25th South Australian Living Artists Festival kicks off. Key points: Country artists say homegrown artwork helps to create a regional identity The SALA festival spans the entire state, giving regional residents access to more exhibitions Regional artists are using … Read more

German artist reaches out to well-known Māori kaumatua Rangi McLean over painting

HuhUpdated Jul 31, 2022 10:00 PM3 minutes to read A portrait of Rangi McLean by German artist Gerd Stritzel. Photo/Instagram Public Interest Journalism funded through NZ On Air Gerd Stritzel has reached out to well-known Māori elder Rangi McLean over the German artist’s unauthorized use of his tattooed facial image. Stritzel told the Herald since … Read more

‘BTS Fans Gotta Relax, Man’ Fandoms That Should Stop Getting Tattoos | Tattoo Artists React – Inked

‘BTS Fans Gotta Relax, Man’ Fandoms That Should Stop Getting Tattoos | Tattoo Artists ReactInked

Art School Is Too Airless, Inaccessible, and Out of Touch. Here’s How the Artist Mark Leckey Is Trying to Change That

Artists have inevitably been tempted to imagine alternatives to formal art school training ever since it first arose during the Renaissance in the form of academies, with their refined, traditional, and exclusionary associations. “An oasis of decency for artists outside the system,” promised a prospectus for the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing, set … Read more

Watchman and stray cat got spotted by artist, look at digital art it inspired | Trending

Even the most commonplace things one encounters in daily life may become incredibly motivating when viewed from the perspective of an artist. Although, of course, this particular video has been inspired by an extremely cute situation in which a security guard was spotted with a stray cat. The duo was seen by this artist who … Read more