Investment Strategy | Volatile Market: Adrian Mowat on the investment strategy for a volatile market

“I am looking at this turmoil and thinking what I am going to be buying right now rather than getting caught up in this panic of the discomfort that we see when we have these extreme moves. Powell came out and made a very clear statement that they are going to do away with inflation … Read more

fed: Whether there is a 75 or 100 bps Fed rate hike, markets will rally: Mark Matthews

“I do not think they are going to be delivering an extremely hawkish message this time and one of the reasons is that one of the key inflation inputs that the Federal Reserve uses – the University of Michigan’s long run inflation expectations – September survey shows those expectations are now back to where they … Read more

ravi dharamshi: Anti-fragile India: If the world markets go up 1x after fall, we will go up 1.5x: Ravi Dharamshi

“We are on the cusp of a manufacturing renaissance, a capex revival and credit growth and real estate cycle in India,” says Ravi DharamshiFounder & MD, ValueQuest Investment Advisors. When markets go down, long-term investors get good entry levels. So will you smile now?Honestly the smile is not because the market is falling but everybody … Read more

Indian Stock Market | Global Market: Will the Indian market continue to outperform as global markets play catch up? Deven Choksey answers

“The rest of the markets are catching up with India, but we would lead the pack. We are already advanced in the global economy and at a fourth position and I think that we will see a larger amount of economic growth playing out and India becoming a $5-trillion economy sometime in 2026,” says Deven … Read more

market rally: What will be the safer bet as the market rally gathers momentum? Mahantesh Sabarad answers

“While a positive momentum is gathering in the midcap finance names, I would be a little cautious about the kind of dilutions that will soon come,” says Mahantesh Sabarad, Independent Market Expert What do you make of the new launches that we have seen? You have been tracking auto for a long time. Do you … Read more

stock market outlook: Is a new market high likely before Diwali? Here’s what S Krishnakumar has to say

“If one looks at valuations, with 18 times FY24, we are probably more reasonably priced than where we were in October of 2021, when the correction started. We have consolidated and are in a better position today. The other economies in Asia and other emerging markets have had a significant downturn and earnings downgrades,” says … Read more

Extremely Bullish On Titan Due To Large Opportunity Of Growth | Milind Karmarkar | ET Now – ET NOW

Extremely Bullish On Titan Due To Large Opportunity Of Growth | Milind Karmarkar | ET NowONE NOW

bond market news: Lakshmi Iyer on how to make money out of bonds now

“Investors should keep this in mind that in every investment whether it is equity, fixed income, gold or real estate, there will be volatility but to ride out this volatility, invest in installments. One can do that even for fixed income,” says Lakshmi IyerPresident, CIO-Debt & Head-Products, Kotak Mahindra AMC How can one make money … Read more

Best Asset to Invest in Inflationary Environment | Mark Mobius of Mobius Capital | ET Now Exclusive – ET NOW

Best Asset to Invest in Inflationary Environment | Mark Mobius of Mobius Capital | ET Now ExclusiveONE NOW Famed investor Mark Mobius says in dire warning, ‘It’s going to get worse from here’ for stocks—and Michael Burry of ‘The Big Short’ agreesFortune Veteran investor Mark Mobius predicts more pain for US markets – and issues … Read more

US Stock Market | India Stock Market: A correction is overdue; if the US market corrects 20%, India will correct 10%: Raj Bhatt

“Sector wise, financials look good. I am also bullish on metals globally and not just India because post the 2007-2008 super cycle in metals, we have not seen any major expansion in capacities, says Raj Bhatt, Chairman & CEO, Elara Capital India has outperformed quite a bit in the last few weeks and few months … Read more