Susie Ma – It Started With A Scrub!

In this episode I get to sit down with the utterly brilliant founder and CEO of Tropic Skincare, Susie Ma.

Susie and I talk about so much….her journey from selling body scrub in jars at her local market to owning an incredibly successful beauty brand, parting ways with her former business partner Alan Sugar, her huge passion for sustainability and doing everything she can to help the environment, what it’s like being a CEO and much more.

Susie also explains how the business works, why she gets so much out of empowering her ambassadors and why she just can’t let go of her very special coffee mug.

I was so pleasantly surprised by how down to earth and funny Susie was. She’s the kind of person that you can imagine being really great friends with and I loved how she came across during the interview.

I hope you enjoy getting to know this true beauty powerhouse who I believe has the power to shape the industry’s future for the better.