Supermarkets including Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s respond to latest mask rules in Wales

The Welsh Government has announced face masks will no longer be a legal requirement in shops or on public transport. The change in rules comes following the latest briefing from Mark Drakeford who has announced changes in Wales from Monday, March 28.

While people will no longer have to wear masks in shops or on public transport they will still be needed in health and social care settings. The legal requirement to self-isolate is being scrapped and instead people will be asked to stay inside if they test positive but it is no longer going to be the law. Businesses will still be asked to complete risk assessments. You can read more about this here.

The Prime Minister has stressed, however, that the Welsh Government will continue to strongly advise everyone to wear face coverings in crowded indoor public places, including in shops and on public transport, despite it no longer being a legal necessity.

In a briefing on Friday Mr Drakeford said: “We had hoped to be able to take the next steps in that plan on Monday, by removing the legal framework, which underpins the remaining protections we have in place and replacing them with strengthened guidance to help keep people safe. The rapid spread of infections caused by BA.2 means we need to retain some of these protections in law for a little while longer. But we continue to strongly advise everyone to take steps to protect themselves. The small things we all do are more important than ever. ” You can read more on what he said here.

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Following the Welsh Government announcement contacted the major supermarket chains to ask what advice they would be giving customers about face coverings. This is what they said.


A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “Safety remains our highest priority and we continue to have a range of safety measures in place including sanitiser stations and asking customers and colleagues to wear a face covering if they are able to.”


Supermarket Morrisons has said it will be following government guidance when it comes to the latest update in Wales.


A spokesperson told WalesOnline: “At Asda we continue to have many measures in place to keep everyone safe including Perspex screens at checkouts, hand sanitisers, and cleaning stations for baskets and trolleys throughout the store. In addition all baskets, trolleys, and door handles have been treated with an antimicrobial coating that limits the spread of bacteria.

“Although face coverings are no longer mandatory we ask our customers to please consider wearing one in crowded spaces. Face masks are available in our stores for any customers that need one.”


The supermarket has said face masks will be a matter of personal judgment for customers.

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