Hi, friend. Today’s installment is a reprint because we went camping this weekend! And, dude…I’m tired. Camping is hard work! Tons of fun, but lots of work before and after. I mean, you gotta clean everything from the cast-iron skillet to the long metal forks for the campfire s’mores, and then you have to pack everything away so it’s good to go for next time, but yeah, I wish Rosie was my assistant instead of the other way around. 🥱


Hello, my loves. Aloha!

Even though I was born and raised here in Marin County, California, I consider myself a local boy because of my strong ties to Hawaii. One of my assistants is from there, and I try to visit the islands often. I love the welcoming aloha spirit, the diversity, the climate and the fresh seafood.

This tutorial is a celebration of color inspired by a favorite local treat called shave ice. Not “shaved ice,” but “shave ice.” Something to wear next time you’re feeling tropical and sweet.

Mahalo nui loa,