Obvs this can’t be the only sunscreen on your lids. Think of it more as a beautiful, bronze bonus layer of protection!

I bought Sunset totally on a whim; I road tested it in Hawaii because I like the idea of extra sun protection on my face by any means necessary. Plus, it was so, so pretty — totally reminds me of Tom Ford Spice!

On my tan skin, it’s a warm copper with the tiniest flecks of amber. It doesn’t look heavy or cake-y, and it adds just enough color to my lids.

On its own with a smidge of liner and mascara, it’s just the thing for makeup lovers who don’t want a heavy lift with their eye makeup but still like a little something-something.

Do take care to make sure your lids are completely free of anything slippery before you apply it, though.

I’ve noticed when I layer it on top of mineral sunscreen that hasn’t completely dried down, the eyeshadow disappears before the end of the day.

When I apply it on my lids without anything slippery, though, it stays on, even through humidity and sweat.

There three other shades and after reading several comments about glitter on the Sephora website, it appears as though the shimmer varies in each. I haven’t tried any of the shadows, but Sunset’s shimmer is soft, subtle and elegant. It looks more expensive than it is.

It was love at first swipe with this one. Check it meow-t next time you’re perusing Supergoop!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,