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Sub-zero windchills expected Tuesday and Wednesday, weather officials say – Chicago Tribune

National Weather Service officials posted a Hazardous Weather Outlook Tuesday morning warning of windchills of at least negative 15 to 20 degrees for portions of. north central and northeast Illinois, and northwest Indiana.

An excessive cold risk was expected Tuesday morning and night through Wednesday across northern Illinois, especially in the morning hours and at night, officials said.

Officials reminded commuters that frostbite could occur even with the slightest wind, and urged anyone braving outside to dress warmly with hats, scarves, gloves or mittens, face mask and insulated boots. Three layers were suggested for the upper part of the body and two layers for the lower part.

Officials also urged pets not to be left outside.

Light winds and blue skies due to strong high pressure over the area was expected to cause plummeting temperatures Tuesday evening. officials said, especially near and west of Fox Valley, but a “warm-up” was expected Wednesday and Thursday. The warm-up was expected to be followed by another cold front Thursday night through Friday, and conditions were expected to remain dry into the coming week. Lake-effect snow may arise in northeast Indiana, officials said.

Current temperatures at O’Hare International Airport registered at 2 degrees with a windchill of negative 17.

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