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‘Stranger Things’ Star Joseph Quinn Gives ‘Honest Answer’ For Eddie Munson Return

Sorry, “Stranger Things” fans ― but it looks like the breakout star of Season 4 probably won’t be returning for the show’s fifth and final season.

But since dead isn’t always dead on “Stranger Things,” fans are hopeful for a comeback for the quickly beloved character. One asked Quinn about the possibility over the weekend at London Comic Con.

“I mean, they’re shooting soon! I don’t know… I’d love to be – I died,” he said, according to Metro, then quickly added: “I think it’s probably unlikely. That’s my honest answer.”

Not much is known about the fifth season, but David Harbour, who plays Hopper, told Collider that filming begins in June. Last year, the show’s writing staff revealed that the first episode of the final season will be called “The Crawl.”

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