Stephanie Lebo would like to go on the record with a strong defense of Jon Gosselin.

For those unaware, Stephanie Lebo is the name of the woman Gosselin was spotted making out with a few days ago.

The former reality star and allegedly terrible father confirmed Lebo’s identity after the aforementioned photos went viral, stating that he’s been dating this individual for two years now.

Speaking to The Sun this week, Lebo addressed all the criticism that has recently come her lover’s way.

Jon Gosselin stares intensely into the camera in this sorta scary photo. (Instagram)

Lebo even went so far as to immediately bring up Jon’s infamous ex-wife, Kate Gosselin.

“I sometimes think with Kate and other people Jon has been around – is it something to do with your childhood, growing up, was there some issues – is that why you are how you are?” Lebo asked The Sun, throwing pretty serious shade in Kate Gosselin’s direction.

Added Lebo:

“Because everything they say is wrong with Jon, I just don’t see it. We don’t argue about anything.”

In September of 2022, Jon Gosselin showed off his superb sense of style by wearing an excellent shirt. (Instagram)

Jon, of course, rose to fame by starring opposite his wife and eight children on the TLC reality series Jon and Kate Plus 8.

The spouses split in 2009 and spent most of the next decade trashing each other in public.

Most recently, Jon took part in a VICE documentary where he admitted that he hasn’t spoken to six of his kids in many years.

In the past, Jon has blamed Kate for this estrangement and basically pleaded with his sons and daughters to make contact with him.

Jon Gosselin has a solid relationship with son Collin and daughter Hannah. And then no other kids of his. (Instagram)

Jon is tight with son Collin and daughter Hannah.

Lebo, for her part, has a 13-year old daughter of her own and told The Sun that Jon has gone out of his way to be close to her.

She pushed back on “people [who] say Jon is a bad father” in this article, pointing out that he has served as a father figure for her daughter, “and he doesn’t have to do that.”

Jon Gosselin: A Selfie
We’re up close and really way too personal here with Jon Gosselin on Instagram. (Instagram)

Late last month, meanwhile, Kate spoke out against allegations that she was an abusive parent, labeling both Collin and Jon as liars.

“For [Kate] to sit there and say this and that in the public about him and towards Collin and Hannah, well number one, a judge awarded him custody for a reason, and number two, he’s never yelled at my child or done anything bad to them, or manipulated them in any sense, no way,” Lebo continued to The Sun.

“It takes a lot in the state of Pennsylvania for the judge to award full custody to a father, it’s usually veered towards the mother.”

Jon Gosselin in St. Croix
Jon Gosselin is on St. Croix for this selfie. Not a bad view at all, is it? (Instagram)

Lebo is a research analyst, according to The Sun, and she seems to be intimately familiar with Jon, his children and the unfortunate mess the entire situation has become.

“I do wonder about the other kids and all the holidays and things like that they have missed out on all being together,” she says now.

“Last Thanksgiving we were all eating and Hannah said wait we haven’t said thanks yet, so she started and she said, “The first person I want to thank is Steph because you have made home, home’ and I choked.”