State Department: 5 of 8 wounded in shooting in Jerusalem from Brooklyn

NEW YORK — Eight people were wounded in a shooting targeting a bus near the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Saturday night.

The State Department says five of them are Americans who are from Brooklyn.

On Sunday, CBS2’s Lisa Rozner spoke with people who know them in Williamsburg.

People kept coming to a synagogue on Hooper Street and were keeping the Glick family in their prayers. Rozner was told the father tried to shield his wife and two children from the bullets, but all were injured.

Everyone she spoke to at Congregation Satmar knows and respects the Glick family, who are part of the Satmar community, a Hasidic sect of Orthodox Judaism.

Rabbi Moishe Indig said he is encouraging everyone to pray for Shia Hersh Glick, a cancer survivor who was shot Saturday night while waiting for a cab at a bus stop in Jerusalem.

“He’s a very beloved person, charming person,” Indig said. “He has been through a lot in his life, unfortunately, and as of about a week or 10 days ago he came to my office. We had a conversation, a meeting, with him and when he left he told me, like, ‘ Rabbi, just give me a hug. Keep me in your prayers.'”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Glick tried to shield his wife, son and daughter from the bullets.

“He was shot in the neck and they had him on a respirator, but it looks like his condition is improving,” Schumer said.

Community leader Isaac Abraham said he’s related to the family by marriage, adding Glick’s wife and daughter were shot as well as his son, who recently got engaged. They were in Jerusalem as part of a trip to pray ahead of the milestone.

“They were done with one part of services head to King David’s cemetery to do prayers there and we ended up praying for them,” Abraham said.

Abraham said a pregnant mother from Borough Park was also shot in the abdomen and had an emergency C-section. Both she and the child are in serious condition.

“This should not happen when you’re going to a religious place, a mosque, a church, a shul, any place,” Abraham said.

The suspect turned himself into the police and the weapon he carried with him was recovered.

Israeli media said he is not known for any terror-related offences, but has a criminal record.

The attack follows a tense week between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Govt. Kathy Hochul tweeted, “I’m horrified by the terror attack in Jerusalem … My team is making contact with the State Department to assist however possible.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams also tweeted that New Yorkers stand with Israel, and that his team was in contact with the Israeli government.

All the Americans injured in the shooting are expected to survive.

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