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Should Jimmy Garoppolo Get His Job Back If Healthy?

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The San Francisco 49ers are in a magnificent spot in the NFC West thanks to Jimmy Garoppolo.

However, his season is now cut short after he suffered an injury against the Miami Dolphins.

While he wasn’t the starting quarterback for the 49ers to start the season, he’s been an anchor for their offense.

But with Trey Lance in the wings, what does it mean for Garoppolo when 2023 comes around?


Garoppolo Was Making Improvements After The Team Got McCaffrey

When the 49ers got running back Christian McCaffrey, the veteran quarterback made tremendous improvements with him around.

Since the trade for him, Garoppolo has 1,284 passing yards, nine touchdowns, and one interception.

This led him to post a 110.5 passer rating and a 70.6 completion percentage.

He also had his fourth career game with four touchdown passes during that six-game span.

So with him doing so well with his new running back, he should be a shoo-in for the starting job when he’s healthy.

However, the 49ers gave up too much to get Lance, only to let Garoppolo stay as their starting quarterback.

With this problem on their hands, the 49ers might not let their veteran quarterback get his job back.

But he is showing everyone how this season was his for the taking.

When the 49ers didn’t want him, he still cut a deal to help his team.

While the 49ers shouldn’t forget his deal, his latest injury might keep them from putting him back in as a starter.

However, he’s did everything possible to show he deserves his job back when 2023 comes.

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