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She ruined my Thanksgiving with her woke scolding

Dear Amy: Due to a health condition, an acquaintance completely sequestered herself during the pandemic, and has remained so for almost three years now.

I think it’s messing with her mind, as she is getting further “out there.”

On Thanksgiving, I was joyful that we could finally spend time in our home with two other family members. But that evening I got a long email from her about how she can no longer honor Thanksgiving now that she is aware of how the Indians were treated, that it’s a bogus holiday, and she hopes I will join her in boycotting it going forward.

Right there, she ruined what had been a joyful day.

I was angry. I am angry.

I try to be as woke as the next person but believe that we can celebrate and be thankful as Americans on a day set aside specifically for this purpose without turning it into a “thing.”

I’m tired of her religious, political (even though we are on the same side) and now holiday emails about things that she feels very strongly about, where she expects (even demands) that I feel the same way.

Why must people insist on ruining life’s little joys?

She is a good person with many redeeming qualities, but I have had enough. I’m sure she is lonely and feels isolated by the pandemic.

What can I say to her?


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