Remember how messy last week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County was?

Right at the end, Shannon Beador confronted producers, insisting that no one breathe a word about her life-ruining secret.

Well, that mess isn’t going away. It’s going to blow up in her face later this season.

And before that, more castmates are going to flip out. Take a look at the RHOC 17 midseason trailer and brace yourself for what’s coming.

Interesting choice! The Midseason trailer for RHOC 17 highlighted Vicki Gunvalson’s return to the show (in a “Friend”) role. And to the Tres Amigas, arguably also in a friend role. (Bravo)

As is almost always (there are some notable exceptions) the case with reality TV trailers, it all starts off with fun and partying.

Well, if by “fun” you mean Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Vicki Gunvalson back together again.

And if by “partying,” you mean what sounds like a whole lot of screaming. The Tres Amigas know how to make some noise.

What do you get when you mix Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Vicki Gunvalson? The Tres Amigas … sometimes. When they’re in the right mood. (Bravo)

Vicki is back in a “Friend of” capacity. Whether that’s a good idea remains to be seen.

At first, most fans simply assumed that Vicki would stop by for a lunch or two with Tamra and Shannon and call it a day.

But the OG of the OC actually appears in a few different settings. One of them will be Shannon’s huge explosion … but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The RHOC 17 midseason teaser trailer highlighted that Shannon Beador and John Janssen were still together. For the time being. (Bravo)

See, Shannon is still with her boyfriend during this footage.

John Janssen is, of course, the subject of some sort of rumor or secret.

Shannon knows. Heather Dubrow knows. According to Tamra, Heather isn’t keeping it to herself … and word is spreading.

Emily Simpson may not be a natural born unicyclist, but who is? (Bravo)

Shannon freaked out on July’s final episode, fearing that this could destroy her relationship. She tried to demand that producers not use this.

(Hey, at least she wasn’t shouting “Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!” like Denise Richards)

We all know that she and John broke up a while back. And we cannot rule out that it may have been related to this … whatever it is.

Tamra Judge makes a video call to dish on a major real estate move that one of her castmates has made. (Bravo)

Anyway, we are once again getting ahead of ourselves.

On a video call in the trailer, Tamra chats with Shannon about some real estate gossip.

Who sold their home for $55 million? Heather and Terry Dubrow, that’s who.

Shannon Beador wonders why a certain castmate would make a major sale — of her own home — without mentioning it to anyone. (Bravo)

That is a tender slice of gossip.

Shannon openly wonders why Heather didn’t breathe a word of this.

(Especially since she’s seemingly so open about the actual secrets of other people)

Heather Dubrow and husband Terry Dubrow celebrate the $55 million sale of their home. (Bravo)

Obviously, we see Heather and Terry celebrating.

Though there’s no actual indication that they’re just dancing on camera to celebrate a home sale.

Maybe they would. Or maybe editors just made it look that way, and now Heather’s fretting over looking gauche. (Though we do remember what her podcasting room looked like)

Emily Simpson confronts her castmate about body-shaming. There’s no excuse for it. (Bravo)

It’s not all fun and games for Heather, however.

With Jennifer Pedranti sitting beside her, Emily lays into Heather.

She’s confronting her about body-shaming. We won’t know the full context until it airs … but body-shaming is simply never okay.

Shannon Beador is just looking all kinds of over it in this screenshot from the RHOC 17 midseason trailer. (Bravo)

Meanwhile, Shannon doesn’t seem to be in a happy mood.

We know that she has some sort of issue with Heather allegedly spilling her secrets.

Maybe it’s that. Or maybe she’s just not feeling the vibe tonight.

Wig! As in, Heather Dubrow is wearing one, and it’s not good, but that’s sort of the point of this RHOC 17 party. But she’s not in a party mood — and tired of feeling like the “whipping boy” of the group. (Bravo)

Wearing a bad wig (but far from the worst of the night), Heather expresses how she feels tired of being the group’s “whipping boy.”

While it may sound like an esteemed BDSM title, the term actually refers to a legendary (as in, possibly fictitious) practice of tutors abusing non-royal children in order to “punish” a prince or child-king.

Child-abuse is a horrific evil, but the term has come to refer to a social scapegoat — someone who bears the brunt of wrath even if they do not deserve it.

(You can view the trailer for yourself right here)

Of course, that’s not the end of things.

As Gina and Emily remind each other (and the rest of us) while wearing their own atrocious wigs, there’s the matter of Shannon’s secret.

Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson, wearing some silly party wigs, discuss their castmate’s relationship drama. (Bravo)

It looks like it does come up in a big way. And it might impact John directly.

We see Shannon flip the heck out, admonishing her castmates that they all owe John a massive apology.

It will be interesting to learn the context of this. Also? Notice that Vicki is there for this.

Gina Kirschenheiter, Jennifer Pedranti, Tamra Judge, Emily Simpson, Taylor Armstrong, and Vicki Gunvalson watch as they get a tongue-lashing from a furious RHOC 17 castmate. Those wigs! (Bravo)

There’s more, of course.

Is Emily going to fight Taylor Armstrong? Is Gina going to get to finish her chicken wings? Do I want chicken wings right now?

We can only answer that last question definitively. For now.