We already knew Selena Gomez is resilient. She has faced serious medical challenges and mental-health struggles with grace and candidness, taking breaks as needed and trudging through when she sees fit. So while it’s understandably easy to sink into self-pity mode after breaking a bone, it’s no surprise that a recent injury isn’t going to stop the multi-hyphenate from enjoying one of her favorite things: makeup. 

Being on Selena Gomez Manicure Watch is basically part of my job description, so imagine my concern when, while doing my daily tap-and-squint Instagram Stories ritual of looking for a new manicure on her fingertips I instead saw a brace on one of her hands. 

It turns out Gomez, being the relatable queen she is, tripped over the long dress she was wearing while walking from her car to her house, breaking her hand. She revealed on the Ellen K radio show, having upgraded from a brace to a cast, that she even had to get surgery on it. 

But as of last night, it seems Gomez is functioning quite well through the pain of the injury and the bulkiness of the cast. She took several selfie videos at what appears to be dinner with friends, the first of which shows her holding up what appears to be the new Rare Beauty Brow Harmony Flexible Lifting Gel. In the next two slides, she’s brushing the gel upwards through her brows with her injured hand, like a champ.

Instagram/Selena Gomez