Judging from her new manicure, Jennifer Lopez isn’t heading to Starbucks for a PSL this season. Instead, she’s looking for something a bit more subtle, but no less flavorful: “chai latte chic” nails, just in time for New York Fashion Week.

The jet-setting Lopez hopped a plane to New York for the shows, including an appearance at Coach, and her nails looked the part of a front-row mainstay thanks to her manicurist Tom Bachik. In keeping with the neutral, milky-hued manicures Lopez has been sporting for much of the year, Bachik skipped the deeper brown latte and caramel shades in favor of a dreamy, super-shiny cream color reminiscent of a warm, cozy mug of sweetly spicy chai. OK, yum?!?

According to Bachik’s Instagram post, he used a combo of Aprés Gel Couleur in Sebastian’s Spots, a dusty purple, and Chai Latte a taupe nude, to create the chai latte-inspired shade — which not-so-accidentally matched Lopez’s shimmery taupe eye shadow. The singer and actor’s nails were filed into long, soft squares for extra glam, which you definitely need when you’re hopping from one high-profile NYFW event to another. (Those giant rings don’t hurt either.)

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