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San Francisco jazz club vandalized then looted following police response

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — The Black Cat in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District was the target of vandalism and hours-long looting spree Monday morning that left management frustrated and disheartened.

The acclaimed jazz club on Eddy and Leavenworth was hit by a vandal early Monday morning. Surveillance video captured a man with a skateboard smashing the glass in the club’s front door.

But what happened in the minutes and hours after was worse.

Adam Chapman, the club’s director of operations, said the police responded but didn’t do enough.

“The cops showed up about an hour later. Then they said they secured the premises by putting tape up so what ended up happening was for the next five hours our place was just looted.”

Chapman said it was a free-for-all, claiming as many as 25 people were caught on camera stealing everything they could. He estimates up to $20 thousand of champagne, musical instruments and equipment was stolen.

Chapman noted that SFPD officers explained that they had tried to call someone at the club but were unable to get through. He said the officers left afterwards and didn’t return.

“We just felt like they should’ve put a little bit more effort to making sure that it was secure because we put so much back into the community here we just kind of felt left out in the dust.”

KPIX has reached out to San Francisco police for comment and are waiting to hear back.

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