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Rych McCain Hollyhood Notes : Reiley


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Reiley – Music 

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pop sensation Reiley released Eurovision single “Breaking My
Heart,” available now via Atlantic Records.

“I’ve wanted to release this song for so long,
but it never felt like the right moment. I’ve also been feeling this desire to
strengthen my connection with my home and with Denmark. So, when Eurovision
came around, it felt like the perfect opportunity. I’ve been a fan of this song
contest for a long time, especially in the last years, so I’m super excited
about the opportunity to potentially represent and make the country proud in
such an iconic competition, with a song I love so much. I’m so excited for
Denmark to hear it!”


Reiley   “Breaking My Heart” (Audio)


if you were born and reared on the Faroe Islands – far from everything – you
can easily be well connected with the world outside. Through social media
Reiley has been connecting with people around the world through his music and
personality – especially in Korea, England, USA, and Denmark. He released his
debut EP “Brb, Having an Identity Crisis” and expanded his reach
further with his more than 10 million followers on TikTok.  Meanwhile, his single “Moonlight” was recorded with AB6IX,
one of the biggest artists in South Korea, and soon after the release Reiley
also played at the biggest festival in the country.

      As Reiley says, “When I become interested in
something, I become completely obsessed with it and spend all my time getting
better on that specific thing.
” His first focus when he was little
was gymnastics, which he trained in since he could walk. But this was
soon overtaken by his love story with music. 



     Reiley’s first exposure to music was in his childhood home,
where his dad used to play and tour with his band. Then, at a young age, Reiley
started taking piano and classical music lessons, and in between playing
around with chords, he finally found his voice, and has been singing ever since. At
the age of 14, Reiley stood on a stage for the first time. It was in the
musical Grease, and the audience’s positive reactions inspired him to go all
the way with music and performing.

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