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Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cryptocurrency have had a significant position in society; even though many countries do not consider them legal, it is noteworthy that they represent a new digital financial system that any nation could quickly adopt with the necessary regulations. 

So much so that recently, after the continuous rebounds of the crypto market, the expectations that prices will increase have increased by almost 10%. 

This fact has kept the entire financial community alert, only that many keep their opinions reserved regarding digital currencies and their global adoption.

Given this explosive scenario, the Prince of Serbia has made several of his personal opinions regarding the digital financial market and cryptocurrencies as alternative investment instruments to an inflationary economy.

Whom is the Prince advocating for Bitcoin?

His name is Philip Karageorgevitch, Prince of Serbia, he works in the finance sector in London and has not hesitated to take a radical stance in favor of digital currencies, specifically Bitcoin.

The royal assumes that Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency by market capitalization and general adoption in the world, will soon become the legal tender digital currency in more than one country if not all begin to transition to the age of digital money.

Although in his statement, he does not specify any nation, much less when they will do so, he considers a high probability that countries will adopt Bitcoin even with a traditional financial system.

The qualifier with which the prince connotes Bitcoin is the currency of freedom due to its decentralized nature and where only the participants in a transaction are in charge of approving and executing it.

One of his most recent participations in an event where the main objective is to promote the use of cryptocurrencies was at the annual Bitcoin conference of this year, 2022, in Miami, United States.

With the adoption of Bitcoin, freedom is promoted from a financial perspective, assuming that this type of digital currency is fungible and can be used from anywhere in the world, contributing to personal and collective sovereignty.

It is a reasonably clear position that, without thinking, could positively affect the adoption of cryptocurrencies as long as the unique characteristics that make them remarkable are maintained. They remain within the legal framework of the countries that adopt them.

The Princess of England and her support for the Blockchain

For several years, Princess Eugenie of the United Kingdom has demonstrated her position in favor of the use of Blockchain technology and its contributions to society.

The increase in the use of the Internet at a global level is relatively high, which has contributed to the fact that malicious people also have access to this technological tool and can develop mafias and trafficking businesses, which is of considerable concern to the governments of the world.

Among the leading cases of trafficking is human trafficking, which for the Princess, is one of the major crimes that must be combated. For this reason, she proposed using Blockchain technology as a tool so that the general public can report crimes cases of modern slavery.

This proposal perhaps represents one of the many uses that can be given to the Blockchain, not only from a financial perspective and its relationship with cryptocurrencies.

What is interesting about the proposal is the validation that is given to the base technology of the financial system of digital currencies, an aspect that supports the world the feasibility of using this type of application that, more than being a fad or trend, is the future of societies in the hands of technology.

The Queen of England could not be left out.

After showing interest in Blockchain technology and receiving a copy of a newspaper related to the British Blockchain Association, Queen Elizabeth II decided to make public her desire to investigate and learn more about the blockchain ecosystem and its impact on society.

It is evident that once this information was made public, comments of all kinds began to emerge, even considering the possibility that the Queen owns crypto assets.

Beyond the banalities surrounding the comments made by Bitcoin followers, it is interesting to consider the impact this technology has had on the powers of the world and at the level of institutions.


It is time to open our eyes to the prospected financial possibilities through the use of digital currencies and blockchain technology. The future is near, and it is logical to adapt to new technologies. 

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