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Robert Sigg Steve Bannon Real Americas Voice Criminal Past Update

Robert Sigg is one of Denver’s least known media moguls, and he maintains an extremely low profile. Most of the pictures of him online are decades old – among them a mug from Arapahoe County from a time when he was busy adding a large rap sheet. Even when he had to respond publicly to the furore caused by the murder of a child in 2012 committed by his son Austin Sigg, he did his best to avoid the limelight.

Now, however, Sigg is getting national attention thanks to a January 24th Washington Post story that reveals him as the man who came to the rescue of Steve Bannon, a controversial former adviser to former President Donald Trump, who is currently defying a subpoena from Congress to talk about the 2021 insurgency attempt at the US capital. As noted by PostBannon had been effectively “de-platformed” by YouTube and other media services until Sigg’s ultra-conservative network, Real America’s Voice, came to the rescue by providing him with a forum for The war roomhis daily attacks on truth and justice.

Austin Sigg’s murder of ten-year-old Jessica Ridgeway, a Westminster girl who disappeared on her way to school on October 5, 2012, was shocking in its brutality: Her body was dismembered and her limbs turned up after her torso became discovered in an Arvada open area. When the seventeen-year-old Sigg was remanded in custody – an arrest prompted by a phone call from his mother, Mindy Sigg – reports revealed that he had studied mortuary science at Arapahoe Community College.

Sigg responded at the time to his son’s arrest with a statement. “First, I want to ask for your prayers and support for the Ridgeway family,” he began. “There are no words to express the grief I and my family feel over their pain they are suffering. We are devastated by the knowledge that my son, Austin Sigg, has been arrested and will be charged with the murder of their beautiful daughter Jessica This terrible event is a tragedy for both the families and the community, I also ask for your prayers and support for Austin’s mother, whose courageous action … unbelievably painful for any parent … has set this tragedy on the path to resolution. hopes that as the legal process progresses, the Ridgeway family can come to terms with peace. “

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A 2012 booking photo by Austin Sigg.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

At the time of the killing, Sigg was president of Centennial-based Performance One Media – a position he continues to hold. Today, the company’s LinkedIn page calls it “an executive office company” in a single-line description. But back in 2012, there were plenty of additional details included. “We are experts in consulting, planning, analyzing and executing bespoke Direct Response TV media solutions,” the introduction said. “Industry standards have not proven effective enough for us; so we developed two different teams working together to cover all aspects of the multimedia industry. This, along with P-One’s unique approach to an end-to-end custom media solution that ‘ blends’ per query, media buying and interactive advertising will help reduce your cost per lead while providing critical trend data. “

Sigg’s own LinkedIn bio has not changed in the last ten years. “Rob Sigg has over 23 years of experience in advertising, marketing and television media,” it reads. “Currently, he is President of Performance One Media, and he leads his team of media experts to consistently find new and innovative ways to conduct new business while maintaining unprecedented standards to strengthen the responses of existing customers. P-One spent Mr. Sigg over 8 years with Turner Media Group, which he co-launched from the start.As president of TMG, Rob’s natural execution-oriented style provided tremendous growth as he took them from a 3-man media agency to a power broker with more than 100 employees in the media landscape.He was a pioneer and was instrumental in the development of TMG as the exclusive company for all media sales through Dish Networks.At its peak, after bringing them to a revenue growth of 250 MM, Rob his exit in 2004. In the years leading up to TMG, Rob used his true entrepreneurial spirit and insight to recognize how “all-the-pieces-fit-together” to own and operate a number of companies within ownership ndoms, construction, spa and salon counter. iplines. “

Out of this summary were Siggs many brushes with the law. As evidenced by Fox31, his criminal history dates back to 1983 and includes more than a dozen arrests on charges ranging from DUI to the sale and distribution of drugs, burglary and assault, assault and battery, resisting / preventing arrest, domestic violence, driving under the influence condition. of drugs and being a habitual offender. He was convicted of mortgage fraud in 2006 for his involvement in it Denver Business Journal summarized as “a scheme to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in counterfeit mortgages and multi-million-dollar credit lines.” And Post It is estimated that Sigg earned more than $ 235,000 in unpaid federal taxes between 1997 and 2010.

This background did not prevent Performance One Media from adding assets. Its current network includes Weather Nation; Pursuit Channel, which focuses on outdoor sports such as hunting; and ICTV, a “TV platform for content creators, infomercial shoppers and TV shoppers.” But its flagship effort is Real America’s Voice, which picked up speed after Bannon joined the team.

“More than two years later, the event has paid off for both men,” he says Post claims. “Sigg used War room as a springboard for an expanded network of conservative hosts – giving him the commercial opportunity he sought. “As a result, Post notes that Bannon’s show is currently available in “as many as eight million homes connected to Dish satellite television, many in rural, conservative areas without reliable cable coverage.”

Bannon was once CEO of Breitbart News, a significant far-right media provider. But in an interview with Post, he claimed that Real America’s Voice is “five times stronger” than his previous business. “They get it out everywhere,” he said. Talking with PostBannon also shrugged off Sigg’s criminal record, referring to him and his business partners as “scrapers from the cable industry.”

Austin Sigg was sentenced to life in prison in 2013. According to Post, two of Robert Sigg’s adult children work for Performance One Media. Sigg has not responded to a call request from Westword .


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