Road Trip Documentary ‘State of the Unity’ Trailer Following a Band

by Alex Billington
August 15, 2023
Source: YouTube

State of the Unity Doc Trailer

Is unity possible? This simple question launched the Brooklyn-based band The Bergamot on a quest to all 50 States to unite people with music, community, and collaboration. State of the Unity is a documentary film about the band’s journey – and it will be released this fall after playing at film festivals throughout 2022 and 2023. It’s directed by band members Nathaniel Paul Hoff and Jillian Ann Speece, and also feeatures Dr. David Hooker, Marcy Kaptur, and Patrick Ashton, with appearances by Pete Buttigieg and Chansi Stuckey. Back in 2016, Brooklyn-based band, The Bergamot embarked on a timely journey to perform in all 50 States while inviting people to sign their message of unity onto their station wagon (known as “The Unity Car“). What ensued is a heartwarming tale of human perseverance, empathy and understanding during one of the most polarizing times in American history. The act of signing the car is some cheesy superficial whatever, but all the interviews and conversations they have along the way are interesting enough. Have a look below.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Hoff & Speece’s doc State of the Unity, direct from YouTube:

State of the Unity Doc Film

In 2016, the band “The Bergamot” took a timely journey to perform in all 50 States inviting people to sign their message of unity on their car. What began as a simple idea in their touring vehicle, brought about a profound revelation. How do we reframe the way we perceive and understand unity? “For it is not a shared narrative of a future, but a narrative of a shared future, that can unite us together” says David Hooker Ph.D. How the duo connected people, with the very car they were sitting in, started a conversation that continues to this day. Join them in this 50,000-mile tour in human understanding, perseverance, and empathy that changed their lives forever. State of the Unity is co-directed and co-produced by the band itself / filmmakers Nathaniel Paul Hoff & Jillian Speece, both making their feature directorial debut. This initially premiered at the 2022 Sedona Film Festival last year. State of the Unity will debut in select US theaters (LA only) starting on September 8th, 2023 coming soon. For details, visit the film’s official site.


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