Revised plans for former Rosie’s nightclub site submitted including terrace ‘with spectacular views’

Revised plans at a former nightclub spot in Birmingham have been submitted. Earlier plans for the former Rosie’s nightclub site were withdrawn last year.

Developers, Bordeaux Estates, had previously submitted a proposal to build an 11-storey tower block in the heart of Sutton Coldfield, sandwiched between McDonald’s, Nationwide and the Red Rose Center.

Objections came from Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council, who claimed it would have an ‘overbearing impact’ on the town center. It was also said the scale of development exceeded limits set out in the town’s ‘masterplan’, adopted by Birmingham City Council.

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The £ 25 million proposal was withdrawn last October with a new multi-use plan for the site now submitted. Bordeaux Estates has proposed a new plan for the 0.3 acre site, which has more commercial space, but fewer apartments, and crucially fewer stores, in an outline planning application registered this week (on April 4).

It also has a new ‘amenity space’ proposed above the sixth storey with an external garden area and terrace with ‘spectacular views over Sutton Coldfield’. The scheme, if approved, would see an eight-storey block nearest the Red Rose Center at the back (with lower ground floor parking) and six storeys at the front. There will now be a maximum of 55 one and two-bedroomed apartments, down from the previous proposal of 75.

The ground floor had been earmarked for a split of retail and leisure space of 400 square meters, at the front and residential at the back. The new plan sees 730 square meters of commercial space for the whole of the ground floor, as requested by the city council’s planning officers.

The new scheme would see six stores facing Lower Parade, the commercial ground floor, plus five stores with nine apartments each. Then at the back of the site would be two higher storeys, with five apartments apiece.

The former Rosies nightclub site in the center of Sutton Coldfield has now been demolished

The lower ground floor would have space for 25 cars, including electric vehicle charging spaces, disabled spaces and a car share / car club space. There would also be space for five motorbikes or scooters and a 60-capacity bike store. The site would also have solar panels on a green roof facing south.

The proposed development would be completed by a bin-recycling storage area, a utility / plant area and the commercial service area – where lorries could unload and load. Access to the service area and lower ground floor parking would be via an existing service route to the right of the Nationwide building.

While apartments in the old plan were a minimum of 7.5 meters from the McDonald’s building, there will now be a minimum of eight meters. Sutton’s masterplan, conceived by the Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Center Regeneration Partnership, and adopted in May 2021, meaning developments should comply with it, sets out storey limits for new developments. It says buildings in the town center should have four to six storeys at the perimeter of developments and it sets a maximum of eight at the center of such developments.

While Knights House, a former office tower on the edge of the Parade and now an apartment block, is nine storeys, this was considered acceptable as it sits on a main road junction, which the former Rosie’s site does not.

In a Design Statement accompanying the outline planning application, architects SR Davis, on behalf of Bordeaux Estates, state: “Prior to this outline application being resubmitted, a number of pre-application discussions, workshops and meetings have taken place with Birmingham City Council planning officers and urban designers to further discuss and align a number of development principles.

“The illustrative scheme design has been amended, revised and developed including reducing the overall scale and height by three storeys, reducing the scale on Lower Parade to six storeys in line with the masterplan supplementary planning document, rising to eight storeys in the center of the site and following a request from BCC the ground floor is now fully commercial.

The former Rosie's site in Lower Parade, Sutton Coldfield sits between McDonald's and Nationwide, with plans to turn it into retail space and 55 apartments
The former Rosie’s site in Lower Parade, Sutton Coldfield sits between McDonald’s and Nationwide, with plans to turn it into retail space and 55 apartments

It continues: “The ground floor height has been reduced from six meters to 4.5 meters, reducing the overall scale of the building. The building has been pulled away from the Red Rose Center, which will help with the buildability of our scheme and assist with the deliverability of redeveloping the Red Rose Center, which itself is built on the boundary site.

“North facing balconies have been removed from the two-two stories at the direct request from the planner, concerned with the view from the [High Street] Conservation Area, replaced with Juliette balconies. We do not need any windows on the eastern gable closest to the Red Rose Center. ”

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Sutton Trinity city and town councilor, David Pears, whose ward includes the town center, said: “I welcome development in the town and action happening on that site. I know they have reduced the height of the proposed building.

“I would be concerned that although the number of apartments has been reduced from 75 to 55, that there are only 25 parking spaces. To me it does not quite seem enough. We will see what comes through. ”

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The public consultation on the current application expires on June 22 and can be found by searching for application: 2022/02480 / PA on the city council’s planning site.

The outline planning application, if approved, would still need a full planning application to be submitted further down the line with more details, and further approval then give.

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