Retiring Dallas ISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa Hosting Series Of Town Halls

SEAGOVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Leading into his retirement, Dallas ISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa is hosting a series of town hall meetings.

He’s sharing what he believes is working for the district and taking on the tough questions from the public.

Seagoville High School is where Tuesday night’s meeting took place.

This is the first time students, parents and community members really had the opportunity to listen and talk to Hinojosa. These town halls kept getting pushed back because of the pandemicbut tonight Hinojosa told CBS 11 the situation is getting better.

Across Dallas ISD, COVID-19 cases are dropping.

“In fact we were in the single digits in teachers yesterday and the students are not much higher,” Hinojosa said. “It looks like we’re finally getting to a good place. I’m targeting the end of spring break to make masks voluntary. “

As the situation improves, he’s taking the opportunity to host a series of town halls at 12 of the district’s high schools.

He’s sharing his accomplishments and fielding questions from the community.

One of the biggest ones being – how does the district retain quality teachers while they face so many challenges?

“It’s taxing – look what’s happening to superintendents,” Hinojosa said. “Out of the 20 largest districts in America, 15 lost their superintendent in the pandemic and the other 5 have less than three years of experience. If it’s affecting the people at the top it’s certainly affecting the people at the front lines. ”

Texas AFT, a union that represents 65,000 educators statewide, has released a new survey that shows 66% of educators throughout Texas have recently considered leaving their jobs. When asked what would make them stay – 45% said pay incentives. Texas teachers have an average salary of $ 57,000 a year.

That being said – Hinojosa says the district’s situation is a little better.

“We’re going to have one teacher make $ 131,000 this year .. we’re going to have 47 make over $ 100,000 and we’re going to have 25% of our teachers make over $ 70,000,” Hinojosa said.

He’s keeping his optimistic outlook for the future and when it comes to his plans for after retirement.

“I’ve got to land this plan and when I land this plane I’ll figure out what plane I’m going to fly next,” he said.

These town halls will take place through May.

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