“Kayla and Jon are now Boston royalty.”

Kowloon Restaurant.
Kowloon Restaurant will close for the first time in 73 years to host a wedding. John Blanding / The Boston Globe

A bride only needs four essentials for her perfect day: something old, something blue, something borrowed, and something Kowloon.

On Saturday, Kowloon Restaurant will shut down to host a private event for the first time in 73 years of business. 

The Saugus restaurant will be closed to the public for “Kayla and Jon’s” special day, though takeout service will still be available. 

Bob Wong, one of the family members who owns and operates the Route 1 staple, said that when the restaurant was first approached about hosting a wedding, they were apprehensive. Eventually though, the couple and the restaurant settled on a figure that would account for any lost revenue. Wong didn’t share details on the final bill.

“We feel great about it,” Wong said. “It was the couple’s idea to book it here and we thought it was an opportunity to do something that would be totally different than we’ve ever done before.”

Well wishes have already begun pouring in for the lucky bride and groom as X (formerly Twitter) users react to the closing. 

“Kayla and Jon are now Boston royalty,” one user commented.

“I cannot emphasize enough how upset I am that I’m not friends with Kayla and Jon,” another user wrote.

Wong said Kowloon’s post announcing the wedding is probably the most engagement they’ve ever gotten on social media. The announcement has nearly 500,000 views on X.

“We’re always surprised at the response,” Wong said. “Having people comment in a light-hearted and fun way, I think that’s what makes the business fun.” 

Function manager Lillian Moy has been working with the couple for the past six months to organize Saturday’s event, Wong said. The wedding will be entirely serviced and catered by Kowloon employees. 

Wong said the family is open to hosting another wedding, but interested couples should act fast. 

“There’s a good possibility we’ll be knocking down this building as it is right now and rebuilding it into a much smaller unit with apartments involved,” Wong said. 

“But between now and when we knock down the building, we would definitely entertain possibly doing [other weddings] as well.”

Kowloon opened in 1950. Wong’s father William took the business over from his in-laws in 1958. The restaurant has since become an icon in Massachusetts. 

The restaurant as we know it may not be around for long, but one X user is convinced the Kowloon wedding venue is the secret to marital bliss. 

“Kayla and Jon will be married forever.”