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Rebel Wilson’s zippered swimsuit unleashed a ‘thigh gap’ storm

Rebel Wilson, who waded out into the ocean in a bomb and posted swimsuit video, did not come without his drama this fall. The 41-year-old Australian actress made headlines in November for stylishly parading around the waves while in a sporty swimsuit on Instagram – while lots of likes and views came in, the blonde managed to set off a storm, and it was centered around her weight loss.

In 2020, Rebel began her “health year”, a year that would take her into 2021. The Olly partner has now lost over 77 pounds, and it seems her followers on social media are using terminology that is often linked with the thinness movement.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 30: Rebel Wilson participates in the AO Inspirational Series Lunch during the Australian Open 2020 at The Glasshouse in Melbourne Park on January 30, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo: Graham Denholm / Getty Images)

Rebel Wilson stunning in swimsuit video

The footage below came with Rebel offering 23 seconds of slow-mo and Bond-girl style action. That Pitch perfectly the star strode towards the camera from a beautiful bay, with fans watching her slender figure wearing a long-sleeved and bright orange swimsuit. One piece came with a black zipper detail and a small open action for the sake of good order. Rebel also rocked with a high ponytail plus dark shades as she dropped a series of heart emoji in her caption.

See Rebel Wilson’s swimsuit below

Views are now over 1.9 million, but a “thigh gap” comment with a heart emoji left some fans with a sour taste in their mouths. “Only women can create something about thigh gap and be jealous of it,” replied one fan. While one follower uttered “envy” over the “thigh gap”, another shot back and said:

“And look at how people idolize it. That’s why women struggle. Thigh gaps may be unattainable for many people, but they are being pushed in our face as a standard of beauty and bam … EDs and insecurity.”

“Thigh gap is unnatural, sorry new sorry,” sounded a third.

Rebel has not addressed the comments, but she has opened up about her weight loss. After an IG Live last year, the star returned to the public this fall and talks about sustaining the loss.

“It’s weird because I have not tried it, it’s just that the lifestyle habits that I did last year have somehow become ingrained,” she said. “So it’s good. I think I’m a little shocked because I was worried. I think everyone who’s struggled with their weight has at times (felt that way)… I’ve managed to maintain that for almost a year. It’s just all the lifestyle habits that are changing. “

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