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ReactJS Developer Job Description: How to create one?

According to UXcam.com, around 52% of the users drop out due to inefficient website user experience. How many times have you left the website if the aesthetics or user experience were not decent, fast enough, or the design was not engaging?

Your answer, as well as all other stats that are gathered globally, will indicate that viewer retention creates the bedrock of online customer acquisition. The user experience delivered by the user interface of the website/app determines everything about client and customer retention.

Statistics reveal that it takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to shape a judgment about your website that decides whether they enjoy your site or not and whether they’ll stay or leave.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and in this case — your company’s success, too.

Creating an attractive UI is one of the most significant advantages of recruiting ReactJS development services. These are programming designers who work with the ReactJS library, which is fundamental for producing custom UIs for various uses.

ReactJS library uses its knowledge and abilities to develop interfaces that will authorize users to effortlessly navigate and use the applications’ functionalities and, by extension, the business operating it.

However, there is a gaping hole between the demand and supply of top-notch React JS developers. This makes hiring the right ReactJS Developer a tricky business.

Let’s dive deeper and understand why you need to create a ReactJS developer job description to hire a React JS developer and how to do so.

Why Hire ReactJS Developers?

The difference ReactJS development services can make to your application/website is strongly substantiated by the below statistics.

  • $62 billion are lost every year because of poor UX execution. (Source- intechnic.com)
  • The ROI of UX is somewhere in the range of $2 and $100 for each dollar spent. (Source- intechnic.com)
  • 48% of mobile users felt disappointed and irritated with non-mobile-optimized sites. (Source- ThinkWithGoogle)
  • 61% of clients said they’d leave a site if they didn’t find what they required on it in a flash. (Source- intechnic.com)
  • 59% of individuals lean toward a stylishly satisfying site. (Source- intechnic.com)

But how do you get a sophisticated UI? Your answer will remain — ReactJS developers.

What do you mean by React JS?

React is a javascript library used to construct UIs that are adaptable, decisive, and effective. Javascript is one of the significant web and portable application improvement languages, and a library is an assortment of pre-customized functions behind the product’s work by a developer.

Recruiting devoted ReactJS developers will utilize individual library capabilities to facilitate the turn of events and make them more precise.

To take advantage of an iceberg named React, you have to understand more than just the tip of it. It is behind the continuous changes that happen in an application. It delivers and refreshes the fitting application part when the individual information changes. Its decisive paradigm makes the essence more reliable and straightforward to troubleshoot by correcting mistakes.

And, there’s more to developers beyond what you may understand, and that’s where the expert Reactjs developers play their role.

ReactJS is an integral element of your application development procedure. With the specialized skill needed to build an aesthetic UI using it, it becomes unavoidable to employ dedicated ReactJS developers for the task. That way, you can assure that your final product will have an opportunity of satisfying your performance intentions.

It is crucial for hiring managers to know how to create and include a React JS Developer job description in their hiring services.

But before you create a React UI developer job description to hire the right candidate, know and include the following descriptions in your application inquiries.

ReactJS Developer Job Description — Required Qualifications

Not everyone qualifies to be a React JS developer. If you want to achieve promising results, it’s better to hire a Reactjs developer who is both book-smart and street-smart and knows exactly what they are doing.

Before you hire a React JS developer, make sure your job description for React developer mentions the following qualification standards:

  • Capability in using React tools like Flux, Redux, webpack, etc.
  • Four-year certification in Mathematics, Computer Science, or any significant course
  • Experience with front-end development
  • Detailed insight on the development of web-based UIs with React.js, Javascript, and Typescript

ReactJS Developer Job Description — Roles and Responsibilities

To make an experienced choice, here is a quick run-through of roles and responsibilities as React JS developers that you can add to your React developer job description:

  • ReactJS developers influence the highlights of this comprehensive library to develop intuitive UIs.
  • These UIs are easier to troubleshoot with additionally anticipated views.
  • A ReactJS developer builds holistic parts that can regulate their states.

ReactJS developers use reusable components in React to involve one code for every one of the comparative elements in the application.

React js developers are responsible for making a complete bug-free application with high performance.

They are likewise expected to assemble any extra modules and take care of the app maintenance.

ReactJS Developer Job Description — Required Skills

Despite the ReactJS library’s adaptability, it will not foster an application by itself. It takes exceptional skills for a ReactJS developer to construct a proficient React application.

The following are fundamental skills that you ought to write for an entry-level or senior react developer job description –


ReactJS is a library for front-end development. Thus, the essential abilities expected in a ReactJS developer are HTML and CSS development. Hire a ReactJS developer who can make interfaces that attract and associate users. This requires detailed comprehension of the design principles.

Ideally, it would help if you look for competent developers working with advanced HTML and CSS tools.

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JSX and other ReactJS components

ReactJS developers should be open to working with JSX, virtual DOM, and component life-cycle to make the most out of this flexible front-end library.

Third-party tools to complement ReactJS libraries

In addition to in-built libraries, ReactJS developers should likewise have superb control over advances like Redux, React Router, Create React App, and Material Kit React; from there, the sky’s the limit.

Know the best practices for clean code

You may require onboarding other developers to work on your application. So the ReactJS developer who inscribes the primary code must assure code simplicity and cohesiveness.

Apart from these hard technical skills, also mention these soft skills in your full-stack React developer job description –

Recognizing and assessing project prerequisites and deliverables

When recruiting a ReactJS Developer, you must enlist someone who can fit your interpretation of the plan’s necessities into technical and performative details. Developers who share a similar vision of the goals as you are almost certain to create an application that your clients love to use!

Organizing tasks efficiently

Regardless of whether the developer will work under your project management team, they should be competent to schedule their tasks and hold to the agreed-upon deadlines. Hence, it would help if you looked for ReactJS developers who are specialists in planning.

Ability to take positive criticism and execute it in their task

The productive analysis is a fundamental part of the capacity to appreciate individuals on a deeper level that assists individuals with functioning admirably with teams. While recruiting a ReactJS designer, ask questions to measure how well the candidate has worked on their work with the assistance of criticism before. Without this expertise, finishing the ideal job by a ReactJS designer becomes uninteresting.

Problem-solving skills

Software development is as much about addressing the problem areas of the client as much about building just programming. So search for ReactJS engineers who are perfect at critical thinking and have problem-solving skills.

Those abilities are React developer requirements and are expected at each phase of ReactJS development – from selecting suitable tools and building an engaging UI to working with an intuitive client experience in the application.

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ReactJS Developer Salary Structure

For instance, if you are hiring a Reactjs developer for the first time, chances are you are clueless about the industry standards salary they deserve.

The typical ReactJS Developer pay in the USA is $120,043 annually or $61.56 each hour. Entry-level positions start at $82,500 yearly, while most experienced workers make up to $157,500 yearly.

According to Neuvoo, the average React Developer pay in the US is $121,992 annually (generally $62.56/hour). Entry-level positions start at $65,000 annually, while experienced specialists procure as much as $171,000/per year.

Different nations have changed figures, some of which are:

  • United Kingdom – $70,903
  • Australia – $73,497
  • Ukraine – $21,600
  • India – $11,804
  • Philippines – $8,569.08
  • Spain – $68,216
  • Germany – $53,864
  • Canada – $120,00

Hopefully, these numbers will help you give the promising Reactjs candidate a reasonable offer that is a win-win situation for both you and the candidate.


These are reasons and realities sufficient to demonstrate that ReactJS designers are in demand and have a splendid future.

Numerous applications, new companies, and associations are utilizing the capability of ReactJS and understanding the motivations behind why it is so famous.

With the proper React front-end developer job description and regular updates, you can hire an extraordinary candidate for your ReactJS requirements.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by ThisIsEngineering; Pexels; Thank you!

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