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Ramadan 2022 start announced by Birmingham mosque behind Europe’s biggest Eid

A leading Birmingham mosque has announced the start of Ramadan 2022, as officials across the world looked to the skies for a sighting of the crescent moon. Green Lane Masjid and Community Center (GLMCC), in Small Heath, which organizes Europe’s biggest Eid celebrations every year, said that Ramadan would start on Saturday, April 2.

GLMCC traditionally follows announcements from Saudi Arabia, where the moon was spotted in the clear skies above Sudair early on Friday evening. Saudi Arabia’s calendar had already forecast that the month of Ramadan would begin on Saturday.

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In a statement, mosque officials said: “The moon has been sighted which means that Ramadan will commence tomorrow, Saturday 2nd April 2022. Taraweeh (prayers) will start tonight at 9.15pm, please arrive early to secure your place.

“May Allah accept our fasting and allow us all to obtain His mercy and forgiveness in this blessed month. From everyone at GLMCC, we wish you all a blessed and productive Ramadan.”

GLMCC has produced a Ramadan 2022 timetable, indicating that morning prayer starts at 5.08am on Saturday, April 2. The pre-dawn meal of suhoor must be eaten before then. Fasting then runs until iftar (evening meal) at 7.44pm. Through the course of Ramadan, the times shift slightly and by the 29th day, morning prayers start at 3.56am and iftar is at 8.34am.

While GLMCC follows the Saudi announcements, other Muslim communities wait for verified moon sightings from the UK, Morocco, or elsewhere, so Ramadan can vary by a day or so. For some it will instead start on Sunday, April 3.

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