Putin has been sanction-proofing the Russian economy since 2014: Former intel officer

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Russian-born former US intelligence officer Rebekah Koffler joined “Jesse Watters Primetime” to provide insight on Russia declaring war on Ukraine.

REBEKAH KOFFLER: He absolutely does not have any consideration for anyone, certainly not enough to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine. But in terms of sanctions, actually, he is also a very astute and skilled economic planner. So, he has been sanction-proofing the Russian economy since 2014, and it is really a shame that our president, Joe Biden, keeps pushing this absurd policy. During his time as a vice president of former President Obama, Joe Biden absolutely had every single briefing where he learned what Putin was up to, and yet he did not take the opportunity to develop a viable counter strategy against Putin. This is why we are in this condition right now, where we have no leverage against this tyrant.


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